The UPHS Clinical Advancement and Recognition Program Committee (CARP) is calling for 2014 nominations for the Nursing Excellence Awards to recognize outstanding direct care nurses throughout the Health System. The deadline for nominations is January 12, 2015.

Nursing at Penn Medicine provides recognition for registered nurses whose contributions have been exemplary to nursing practice. Each entity (PAH, HUP, PPMC, CCH, CPUP, GSPP, Home and Hospice Services) will select a nurse for an award in one of each of the domains of professional nursing practice:

Lillian Brunner Award for Clinical Judgment and Decision-Making; Rosalyn J. Watts Award for Nurse-Patient/Family Relationship; Dorothy Botdorf Award for Clinical Leadership; and the Helen McClelland Award for Clinical Scholarship. One nurse from the Health System will be selected to receive the Victoria L. Rich Award for Transformational Leadership

All award recipients will have their names put on a plaque displayed at the entity and will be recognized at a UPHS ceremony

On-line Application

Nominate one of your colleagues or yourself by via the Nursing Intranet website.

Review the criteria for each award, select the appropriate award and complete the application. 

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