Lab-donationDidyou know that the Philadelphia School District does not have a budget forlaboratory supplies and equipment? When the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine relocated to theirnew space on the sub-basement level of Cathcart earlier this year, there was agreat deal of no longer needed glassware (beakers, test tubes), mixers andother equipment left over. Reluctant to ditch still useful equipment, PAH Lab staff beganlooking into ways to repurpose the items. With the help of PAH CommunityRelations Coordinator Matthew Menard,and a local junior high science teacher Scott Knoflicek, the extra laboratoryitems were all put to excellent use and donated to the General George A. McCallElementary School located adjacent to the PAH campus at 325 S. 7thStreet.

OnMonday, February 4, Lab staff chipped in to wrap and box all the extraglassware and equipment for grateful teachers from McCall’s who came to pick uptheir much appreciated donations.

Specialthanks to Lab Administrative Director BillHunt, MBA, MLS(ASCP)CM, and all the Lab staff who stayed late helpingprepare this donation. Your efforts just may encourage some students to pursuea career in science or medicine.

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