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Filipinos may bestoic when it comes to pain, so health care providers should not always rely onthe expression of pain to determine a patient’s level of discomfort. Somepatients may have a high pain threshold, whereas others will moan as a way ofexpressing pain. Filipinos also tend to be fearful of becoming addicted to painmedications. They prefer medications by mouth or through an intravenous dripover shots. The best strategy is to offer pain medications as ordered. Warm compressesmay also be offered as necessary.

- submittedby Joy Cantuba, BSN, RN, CCRN, MICU Clinical Nurse III

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The PresbyBulletin is pleased to launch The Diversity Minute, a new columnsponsored by the Cultural Diversity Committee that aims to encourage employeeeducation around cultural diversity in health care. We invite you to share aninteresting fact about your culture that can be read in a minute or less. Besure to tie your cultural fact to health care or patient care. Surprise us!Make us say, “I didn’t know that!” If your item is selected for publication,you will receive a $5 gift certificate to the Presby Gift Shop. E-mail submissionsto Thank you for sharing your culture!

 *Theinformation provided in this column should be used as a general reference, the beginningpoint of assessment for learning about patient cultural values. It should by nomeans serve as a behavioral predictor or in determining treatment.


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