Karen Anderson, MSN, RN, head of the HUP’s Family Caregiver Center volunteer program, and Caregiver Center volunteers

The New Family Caregiver Center at the Pavilion: A Place for Patients’ Loved Ones to Recharge

HUP’s second Family Caregiver Center will open this fall in the new Pavilion, enabling volunteers to reach more family caregivers.

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  • Five masked staff members from the HUP Nursing Network Center hold up colorful and themed backpacks

    15 Years of Back to School

    October 01, 2021
    The Nursing Network Center’s 15th annual Back to School Drive collected more than 20 book bags and many other school supplies for the Lutheran Settlement House.
  • Urology resident Ruchika Talwar, MD

    For India, With Love

    October 01, 2021
    Urology resident Ruchika Talwar led a campaign to donate much-needed oxygen supplies to India during COVID-19.
  • Dozens of skid-free hospital socks line a conference room table

    Saving 10,000 Pairs of Socks (and Counting)!

    October 01, 2021
    The Save Our Socks program recently reached a monumental milestone.
  • Meghan Lane-Fall, MD, MSHP, an associate professor and vice chair of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in Anesthesia and Critical Care

    ‘That No One Shall Be Harmed by Anesthesia Care’

    October 01, 2021
    Meghan Lane-Fall, MD, MSHP, was named to a new national leadership role advancing patient safety.
  • Family Caregiver Center volunteer Fran Treston sits on a sofa and chats with another person wearing masks

    Volunteer Fran Treston Honored as ‘Point of Light’ for Caregivers

    October 01, 2021
    HUP volunteer Fran Treston was honored for her service providing support and guidance to patients’ loved ones at the Family Caregiver Center.
  • Aron Berman, assistant executive hospital director at HUP

    Aron Berman Recognized with Leadership Award

    September 01, 2021
    This year’s award recipient was Aron Berman, assistant executive hospital director, whose leadership style, HUP CEO Regina Cunningham said, is “very much like MaryEllen’s — collaborative, engaging and facilitative.”
  • Three women in Sunday church dresses and face masks stand together. Left, Olive Campbell, coordinator of Caring for the Caregiver; Center, Neva Denton, a caregiver, holding a gift basket with a large purple ribbon; Right, Grace Hanson.

    Caring for the Caregiver

    September 01, 2021
    When adult children care for their ill parents and grandparents, or for other loved ones, their efforts don’t go unnoticed by Grace Hanson. Her Caring for the Caregiver program shows gratitude for members of her church who are giving to others.
  • A photo of the exterior front of the Pavilion is overlaid on a design rendering of people walking bicycles to a bike rack outside of the facility.

    Healing by Nature: How Sustainability is Built into Penn Medicine’s New Pavilion

    September 01, 2021
    In building the new Pavilion at HUP, sustainability efforts have been part of the plan from the beginning, from manufacturing components off-site, to making sure rooms were adaptable for future needs, to incorporating an acre of greenery into the urban property.
  • The patient server can be loaded from the hallway without interruption to patients. Inside the room, nurses can find supplies easily in one place without needing to search.

    More Than Just a Storage Cabinet

    September 01, 2021
    Patient servers are floor-to-ceiling cabinets which hold clinical supplies essential to patient care. This new feature, part of every patient room at the Pavilion, will offer so much more than just storage space, improving both patient care and the patient experience.
  • Nursing navigators from the Abramson Cancer Center include (from left) Peg Rummel, Megan Roy, Eleanor Miller, Trish Gambino, Maria Malloy, Kate Fanslau, Diann Boyd, and Sue Sweeney.

    ACC Nurse Navigators: A Guiding Light During a Difficult Time

    July 02, 2021
    The Nurse Navigators of the Abramson Cancer Center serve as a guiding light for patients, eliminating barriers to care with compassion and support.
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