Nursing navigators from the Abramson Cancer Center include (from left) Peg Rummel, Megan Roy, Eleanor Miller, Trish Gambino, Maria Malloy, Kate Fanslau, Diann Boyd, and Sue Sweeney.

ACC Nurse Navigators: A Guiding Light During a Difficult Time

The Nurse Navigators of the Abramson Cancer Center serve as a guiding light for patients, eliminating barriers to care with compassion and support.

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  • Sally Sapega of Communications, editor of HUPdate

    An Editor’s Farewell

    July 02, 2021
    Sally Sapega reflects on her 20 years as editor of HUPdate and what she’ll miss most when she retires.
  • Awards & Recognition Badge

    Congratulations to Our Nursing Excellence Award Winners!

    July 02, 2021
    The UPHS Nursing Excellence Awards recognize the positive impact nurses make on patients — their compassion, their dedication, their leadership.
  • Katie Kirwan, BSN, of Hematology-Oncology

    Difference Maker: The Impact of Just “Being There”

    July 02, 2021
    Something as simple as holding someone’s hand in a time of need can make a big difference in a person’s life.
  • Myra Rodriguez, exeuctive assistant to the COO of the CPUP, volunteered at a recent Serve Saturday event, an outreach program created by the Block Church.

    Serve Saturday: A Multi-Level Outreach

    June 01, 2021
    Alongside volunteers from her church, Myra Rodriguez packs bags of food, adds fresh coats of paint to schools and community centers, and cleans up parks to help the Philadelphia community.
  • The Careboard, a screen located on the wall in all patient rooms in the Pavilion, will focus on information most important to patients.

    Goodbye, Whiteboard! New Room Technology Makes a Unique and Empowered Patient Experience at the Pavilion

    June 01, 2021
    Whiteboards will be a thing of the past in the Pavilion’s patient rooms! Patients will automatically know who’s in their rooms, what their day’s schedule looks like and so much more at a single glance!
  • As part of HUP’s community partnership activities during Nursing Week, nurses from HUP-Cedar and HUP-Spruce cleaned up Malcolm X Park and held a Health Fair.

    HUP Celebrates Nurses!

    June 01, 2021
    Every year, during Nursing Week, HUP celebrates the many ways its nursing staff bring patient care and the patient experience to new levels. And this year was no exception.
  • HUP’s pneumatic tube system includes miles of pipes leading to specific destinations throughout HUP’s physically connected buildings.

    HUP’s P-Tube System: Keeping Services Up and Running

    June 01, 2021
    With speeds of 22 feet per second, HUP’s pneumatic tube system delivers nearly 4,000 specimens, blood and blood products, and supplies and medications to stations across HUP each day. Thanks to recent upgrades, the system’s efficiency has not only improved, but this quality service will continue at Pavilion when it opens in the fall.
  • Patient transport, pushing stretcher on bridge

    Things You May Not Know About Patient Transport … But Should

    May 01, 2021
    HUP’s patient transport team completes 210,000 trips every year! This includes moving inpatients, outpatients, and Emergency Room patients to various areas throughout HUP’s campus, such as treatment areas, testing sites, and clinical practices.
  • Penn Medicine CAREs, grant, Brian Nguyen and Daniel Choi, MD

    3D-Printed Hooks Ease Mask Discomfort

    May 01, 2021
    Many masks have elastic ear bands, which some studies show can be uncomfortable and may cause pressure injury and headaches. Brian Nguyen, MD, an ophthalmology resident at HUP, created a new comfortable mask design.
  • Sanlly Helena, Difference Maker, COVID-19 vaccine clinic, Perelman Center, Translator

    Difference Makers: Spanning the Language Barrier

    May 01, 2021
    Sanlly Helena, a medical assistant in the Harron Lung Center, often uses her ability to speak Spanish to help patients in the Center’s ambulatory practices. Earlier this year, she was able to put this skill to use when she reached out to help a patient in a whole new setting.
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