View key statistics related to Penn Medicine's Information Services department and its areas of support, performance and emerging technology initiatives.

Areas of Support

The Information Services (IS) department at Penn Medicine currently supports:

  • 200 projects on average are managed at any given time
  • 500 interfaces connect data between applications
  • 238 applications
  • 31,000 desktop computers/laptops
  • 1,512 servers
  • 581 databases
  • 3,678,000 linear feet or 696 miles of network/telecom cable installed
  • 9,219 cell phones/smart phones
  • IS education offered approximately 800 classes last year


  • MedView – a web-based portal for Penn Medicine clinicians that receives over one million hits per month
  • Penn Medicine's clinical data warehouse has over 4 billion rows of data in it and grows by over 2 million rows on average a day
  • Penn Medicine's data and voice network supports users at over 90 separate physical locations throughout the Delaware Valley
  • We process more than 1.5 million emails per day
  • PennChart electronic medical record (EMR) database is over 7 terabytes
  • About 30 million unstructured documents searchable in PennSeek

Emerging Technology Initiatives

  • Precision Medicine
  • Patient Engagement
  • Telemedicine
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