Pennsylvania Hospital

The people who volunteer at Pennsylvania Hospital are caring, dedicated and committed. Through their many meaningful activities, our volunteers help further the objectives of the hospital and provide the best possible support and comfort for our patients, their families and visitors.

While helping others, you will make many new friends, learn new things, have a choice of assignments and have fun. We strive that our volunteers experience the following:

  • Personally enrich each volunteer by providing a means of meeting the human need to give care and service
  • Enable persons to observe health care professionals in order to consider a variety of careers
  • Enhance, extend and supplement the service provided by professional and non-professional staff, to patients, visitors and the community
  • Support the staff in fulfilling the mission of Pennsylvania Hospital

Discover how you can enrich your life. To join the Pennsylvania Hospital volunteer team, choose from the programs listed below.

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    Adult Volunteer Program

    The Adult Volunteer Program at Pennsylvania Hospital welcomes community members who are 18 years of age and older the opportunity to help improve the hospital experience for patients, their families, caregivers and the hospital staff.

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    Premed Volunteer Program

    The Premed Volunteer Program at Pennsylvania Hospital provides an opportunity to those on a career path to the medical field an opportunity to gain valuable hospital experience and exposure to medicine at a premiere institution.

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    Junior Volunteer Program

    The Junior Volunteer Program at Pennsylvania Hospital provides students who are at least 14 years old with career exposure to a variety of healthcare professions.

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