Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Visiting hospitalized loved ones is a way of showing support and offering encouragement. Patients should discuss with family and friends when they would like to receive visitors and who should visit.

General and Maternity Visiting Hours

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania does not have strict visiting hours. Your nurse and providers will work with you to plan for visitors to ensure that both your emotional and physical safety needs are met.

Visitor Passes

Visitor passes are required after 6 pm weekdays and all day on the weekend and holidays. Visitor passes are available at the information desks in Ravdin and Silverstein buildings. Passes should be visible at all times and readily available for presentation upon request.

Family Waiting Areas

Visitor lounge areas are located on the second floor of Dulles (surgical family waiting area), the main lobby at the Ravdin entrance and on each of the nursing units.

During certain hours, a volunteer hostess is on duty in the surgical family waiting area to keep family members informed about the progress of surgery. At other times nursing staff fill this need.

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