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Physicians Transferring a Patient

Call 1-877-PENN (7366) to contact our trauma team. You will be connected with the Trauma Attending Physician to discuss the case. Once the patient is accepted, we will work with you to arrange expedited transport to the Trauma Center.

Prior to Transfer

  • Obtain Transfer Consent by having the patient or authorized family member sign a EMTALA-compliant transfer form.
  • Prepare a Copy of the Patient's Chart including all pertinent diagnostic and radiologic studies to send with the patient.

Patient/Family Transfer Requests

In an instance of personal choice to transfer yourself or a loved-one to Penn's Level 1 Trauma Center from another hospital, there are certain protocols that need to be followed.

How can I have my family member transferred to the Trauma Center at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center?

First, discuss this wish to transfer yourself or your loved one with the care team at your current hospital. The doctor at your current place of care must be the one to facilitate the transfer, from a medical perspective they can call 1-877-PENN (7366). Once the doctor at your current hospital has contacted our Trauma team and we have accepted the transfer of you or your family member, we will work to arrange transport to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

How quickly will the transfer occur?

Once the Penn Trauma team accepts you or your family member as a transfer, we will work to have them transported as quickly as possible to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. Transport may occur by ambulance or helicopter depending on the distance of the transport and the individual care needs of you or your loved one.

How do I check on my loved one once they are transferred to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center?

After your loved one has been transferred, you can call 215-662-8000 and ask to be connected to your family member's unit for an update.

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