Providing a wide spectrum of clinical services to treat patients with all types of disabilities

Physical rehabilitation group

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Our program treats patients with disabilities, chronic pain and physical impairments to maximize their functional potential and achieve their highest quality of life possible.

Penn Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) provides a wide spectrum of inpatient and outpatient clinical services that work to improve the quality of life and foster independence for patients living with all types of disabilities. All of our PM&R physicians, called physiatrists, are subspecialty trained and many have completed fellowships in the area of their concentration. Our physiatrists collaborate with health care professionals across the Penn Medicine health system to provide seamless, patient-centered care.

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Programs and Services

Amputee Care

Penn’s amputation specialty program offers treatment plans to maximize independence and restore physical functioning.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Penn Medicine provides rehabilitation services for patients experiencing symptoms as a result of cancer or cancer treatments.

Electrodiagnostic Medicine

Penn Medicine offers electrodiagnostic medicine, a diagnostic tool that diagnoses a variety of neuromuscular disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department provides patient education about the specialty field of physiatry with frequently asked questions.

Gait and Biomechanics Laboratory

Penn Medicine’s PM&R Department conducts research and offers patient care services for motion and gait analysis at our Gait and Biomechanics Laboratory.

Inpatient Services

Penn Medicine’s PM&R Department provides a variety of inpatient services to treat all types of disabilities.

Musculoskeletal Medicine

The highly skilled physiatrists of Penn Medicine’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department treat musculoskeletal disorders.


Penn’s neurorehabilitation program provides inpatient and outpatient services that restore patients to a maximum level of cognitive and physical function.  

Outpatient Services

Penn Medicine’s PM&R Department provides comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation programs at a wide variety of locations.

Pain Treatment

Penn Medicine’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department treats all types of pain, including back pain.

Pelvic Floor Disorders

Penn Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation offers leading-edge diagnosis and treatment for pelvic floor disorders. 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Spine

Creating a personalized treatment plan through physical and occupational therapy, Penn Medicine offers comprehensive rehabilitation care for all types of spine conditions.

Sports Rehabilitation

Penn Medicine’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department diagnoses and treats a variety of sports-related injuries.

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