Spine Center at PAHThe new Penn Spine Center at Pennsylvania Hospital is now open.

For years, you’ve been looking forward to life’s next adventure, and you’re not about to let pain hold you back. Our team works together to provide the most-accurate diagnosis and cutting edge treatments for back and neck pain — all in one place.

The Penn Spine Center at Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH) is the newest addition to the Penn Spine Center program. Conveniently located, this brand new location offers diagnosis and treatment for every type of spine condition, including back and neck pain, spinal tumors and adult spinal deformity. At the Penn Spine Center at PAH, patients receive an abundance of resources and seamless care that results in the best possible outcome for patients. 

Our Address

The Penn Spine Center at PAH

Penn Spine Center resources include the latest, advanced technology in diagnostic imaging, nerve testing (EMG) and minimally invasive surgical techniques combined with the expertise of world-renowned spine physicians and surgeons across multiple medical disciplines.

At the Penn Spine Center, experience and teamwork are our strongest assets. We use evidence-based treatment approaches, combined with the experience that comes from years of treating complex patients at a top academic medical center. Providing the right diagnosis and providing personalized care and education is the foundation of what we do. 

Providing Seamless, Integrated Spine Care Services 

The Penn Spine Center at PAH is one of many Penn Medicine locations where patients can receive expert medical and surgical spine care. At this particular Center, located across the street from Pennsylvania Hospital, patients benefit from having immediate access to all of the specialists they need to treat their spine condition working together, shoulder-to-shoulder, in one practice location.

Aided by a highly advanced electronic medical record system to share patient information, the physicians, nurse practitioners, radiologists and staff, collaborate to find the right diagnosis and provide the right treatment for each individual patient. Whether a patient needs time to heal, physical therapy, an interventional procedure for pain, or surgery, this unique team approach allows our spine providers to provide the right treatment or combination of treatments for the patient. All back and neck diagnosis and treatments are made available to patients in one convenient setting, allowing for better outcomes and an overall better patient experience.

Individuals who receive care at the Penn Spine Center at PAH will benefit from comprehensive spine services from a team that includes experts from:  

  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurology
  • Neurophysiology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Pain Medicine
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)
  • Behavioral Medicine