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Adult spinal deformity affects a wide range of people of all ages, from older teenagers to seniors. A spinal deformity refers to the abnormal curvature of the spine or a deviation in the alignment of the spinal column of more than 10 degrees.

Spinal deformities include conditions such as:

When left untreated, spinal deformities can cause chronic pain and impaired functioning that can greatly impact a person’s quality of life. When individuals come to the Penn Spine Center, our specialists take great care to develop a relationship with every patient that is built on trust, personalized attention and a commitment to doing what is absolutely best for the patient. This relationship entails educating the patient on how their spinal deformity is affecting the quality of their life, what their treatment options are and what can be done to improve their function and mobility. Together, patients and physicians engage in a shared decision-making process to create customized treatment plans that address all of a patient’s needs.

Second Opinions for Adult Spinal Deformities

Those who were once told that there was nothing that could be done for their spinal deformity are now offered new hope for a better quality of life through the advanced technology, complete integrative services and breadth of experience offered at the Penn Spine Center. Patients come from all over the country seeking second opinions for their spinal deformity, and for these individuals, Penn starts where the others stop. No case is too complex.

In This Section

Diagnosing Adult Spinal Deformity

The Penn Spine Center offers the latest advancements in spine imaging technology used in diagnosing these deformities.

Symptoms of Adult Spinal Deformity

Common causes and symptoms of a spinal deformity.

Treatment for Adult Spinal Deformity

The Penn Spine Center team is highly experienced in minimally invasive surgical techniques and non-surgical spine intervention therapies.

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