Paying for Fertility Treatments

For couples trying to get pregnant, dealing with fertility problems can be extremely challenging and stressful. The cost of fertility care can run the broad spectrum from the moderate end of evaluation, counseling or drug therapy to surgical options such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) at the other end. For some couples the cost rises because they need multiple cycles of IVF or other treatments to achieve a pregnancy.

At Penn Fertility Care, we accept most insurance plans and assist our patients in obtaining the proper authorization and referrals for treatment, but we know that not all insurance plans cover fertility care. Some plans may offer partial payment, others none.

We offer comprehensive, state-of-the art infertility treatment at competitive fees and have designed financial packages to meet your individual needs. We have full-time financial counselors available to help you navigate the complicated world of insurance coverage; they will meet with you to review your benefits and help you choose the best financial option based on your unique situation.

Self-Pay Packages

IVF cycles require a core set of services and treatment plans that vary based on a patient's individual situation. We offer a variety of affordable packages for self-paying patients designed to avoid confusion and the extra costs involved with paying for each individual service that may occur during an IVF cycle. We discount and bundle our services into global packages to save you money and so you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what your treatment will cost.

We offer both single-cycle and multi-cycle IVF packages. Single-cycle packages offer patients a very low cost option to achieve a pregnancy. Multi-cycle packages enables patients the ability to complete a second or third cycle at a significantly discounted rate if the first IVF cycle is unsuccessful. Since the self-pay IVF packages are significantly discounted, charges are not itemized on your account and we do not submit claims to the insurance company. The full fee is required to be paid before the start of the cycle.

For more information please contact a Penn Fertility Care financial counselor at 215-662-6100.

Fertility Financing Plans

We understand that some patients may have difficulty in affording fertility treatment. To help assist our patients with the cost of fertility treatments, Penn Fertility Care is now member of the Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc (ARC) network.

Advanced Reproductive Care

Advanced Reproductive Care (ARC) is the nation's largest network of infertility specialists and premier fertility programs. As a member, Penn Fertility Care helps provide fertility patients an affordable opportunity for a baby. ARC's patient programs make the cost of fertility treatments predictable and affordable to help couples achieve their dream of building a family.

These patient program options include:

  • Affordable and predictable fertility treatment packages
  • Pharmacy packages
  • Financing options
  • ARC packages 

A refund guarantee may be available through ARC for couples looking for the security of having money back if they do not deliver a baby following treatment.

Several financial options are offered to help couples overcome any financial barriers and assist in proceeding with care. These affordable payment plans can be used for any package of services and can also include pharmaceuticals.

To find out more about the ARC, visit ARC Fertility or call ARC’s toll free number 1-888-990-2727 for fast and confidential service.

Discount Programs

Military and Veterans:

Penn Fertility Care is grateful for the service of men and women in our armed forces. To show our appreciation, we offer an IVF discount program to all active duty military personnel, veterans and their spouses when insurances do not cover the procedure. This program provides a 20 percent discount on all Penn Fertility Care’s IVF packages. To qualify, present your US military identification at the time of the initial consultation.

Potential Uterine Transplant Recipients:

All patients who have been screened and enrolled in the uterine transplant trial will receive a 20 percent discount on self-pay embryo freezing, preimplantation genetic screening and frozen embryo transfer packages.

Patients facing fertility threatening therapies and survivors/partners of survivors:

We work closely with Livestrong, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing reproductive information, support and hope to cancer patients and survivors. Through Livestrong, we provide discounts on fertility preservation procedures to cancer patients facing fertility threatening treatments. We also work with pharmaceutical agencies that provide medications free of charge for cancer patients who chose to freeze eggs or embryos.

For more information please contact a Penn Fertility Care financial counselor at 215-662-6100.

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