Compassionate Care

No matter where you are on your fertility journey, Penn Fertility Care is here to offer support, guidance and information to help you achieve your goals.

Assisted reproductive technology involves procedures in which both eggs and sperm are handled, and may be recommended when other techniques have not been successful. 

In vitro fertilization is the preferred or most common infertility treatment used when the fallopian tubes are severely damaged or absent, and for unexplained or male factor infertility. Due to its high success rate, IVF has been used more frequently in recent years as a first line of therapy for all causes of infertility.

At Penn Fertility Care, our multidisciplinary team provides compassionate care for individuals and couples looking to start a family. We provide compassionate, patient-centered plans that are tailored to individuals needs.

In This Section

Success Rates

As patients have many health care providers to choose from, quality measures have become increasingly important when selecting a hospital or physician.

Treatment and Procedures

Learn more about the different assisted reproductive technology options available, including in vitro fertilization.

Financial Information

Penn Fertility Care financial counselors and staff can help you understand your insurance coverage and assess your financial options for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment.

Patient Stories

Patients share their fertility journey and discuss what IVF was like for them.

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