Fertility preservation services can provide women, men and children an opportunity to conceive later in life after overcoming health or personal issues that may affect their fertility. These complications may include disease (i.e., cancer, lupus, etc.), reproductive problems (i.e., ovarian cysts) or side effects caused by treatment (i.e., chemotherapy). Others may look to fertility preservation to prolong or defer their ability to conceive for a variety of reasons such as concerns about age, lack of a life partner or a family history of early menopause.

Penn Fertility Care offers advanced reproductive technologies specific to fertility preservation that include egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation), ovarian tissue harvesting, embryo freezing or sperm banking.

Our researchers are currently conducting oocyte and ovarian tissue cryopreservation clinical studies to enhance current methods and to find new options for men and women to preserve their fertility. Also known as oncofertility research, these studies have a primary focus in preserving fertility for the cancer patient.

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Sperm Banking

A way for men to either donate sperm for another person's use or store sperm for their own future use

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