Organized into clinical divisions around a number of specialized services, department staff analyze blood and tissue samples in a laboratory setting, using cellular, genetic molecular and bioinformatic technology. The department also works closely with the Center for Personalized Diagnostics and the Abramson Cancer Center to uncover genetic mutations within a patient's own cancer that can allow for a more targeted and personalized "precision" treatment strategy.

As an academic department, pathology and laboratory medicine is also involved in research and resident graduate education at the Perelman School of Medicine.

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Programs and Services

Anatomic Pathology

The anatomic pathology division provides tissue-based diagnostic services to physicians and patients.


Hematopathology is an integral component in new treatments of hematological malignancies using cellular therapeutic approaches.

Laboratory Medicine

The laboratory medicine division provides routine and esoteric laboratory tests to meet the diagnostic needs for physicians and investigators.


This division performs autopsy and surgical neuropathological diagnostics.

Outpatient Labs

Learn the hours and locations for Penn Medicine outpatient labs.

Precision and Computational Diagnostics

We provide nucleic acid-based diagnostics for diagnosis and management of diseases, ranging from inherited diseases to infectious disease and cancer.

Second Opinion Services

We offer a program for expert second-opinion consultations.

Transfusion Medicine and Therapeutic Pathology

The transfusion medicine and therapeutic pathology division serves as a blood bank and transfusion service.
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