Meet Frank

A CrossFit enthusiast, Frank wasn't willing to let an injury slow him down. Learn how autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) helped get him back to the things he loves.

The Penn Center for Advanced Cartilage Repair and Osteochondritis Dissecans Treatment is one of only a few clinics across the nation dedicated to cartilage repair. It is one of the first to focus on osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), a rare and often misunderstood condition in which a fragment of bone and cartilage separates causing pain, swelling and mechanical issues. This condition occurs most commonly in the knee.

The purpose of the Penn Cartilage Center is to facilitate collaboration between national leaders in cartilage research and to act as a location that houses interdisciplinary research, linking basic science, translational studies and clinical research. An emphasis is placed on optimal personalized treatment plans through integration of the best available evidence into the shared decision- making process.

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Treatments and Procedures

Learn how the Penn Cartilage Center leads in the way in providing solutions for those with cartilage injuries and defects.

Cartilage Center Treatment Team

Our specialists offer expert diagnosis and treatment of cartilage injuries and disorders.

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