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Older woman with dog tying shoeAre you experiencing problems with your knee? Perhaps an old injury is creeping up, your arthritis is kicking in or a recent accident or sports incident is causing you pain. You may not realize just how much you rely on your knees until pain strikes. There are several reasons why your knee may be bothering you — and we're here to help you figure it out.

At Penn Medicine, our orthopaedic specialists are experts in identifying the root cause of your knee pain through a thorough evaluation and advanced imaging technology. In many individuals, arthritis is the main condition that causes pain. However, there are many other types of conditions that can cause discomfort, swelling and stiffness. We evaluate and treat the full range of knee issues, so regardless of how minor or complex yours might be, you can rest assured that we have the technology and expertise to handle it.

Knee Injuries and Conditions That We Treat

We diagnose and treat the full gamut of conditions and injuries that cause knee pain, including:

No matter your condition, we take an evidence-based approach in determining whether a surgical or non-surgical treatment is the best way to relieve you of your pain.

Find a Knee Pain Doctor

Our knee pain team includes orthopaedic surgeons and specialists, neuro-orthopaedic surgeons and cartilage experts who work together to create personalized treatment and rehabilitation plans. This means more eyes on your case, which results in a better outcome for you.

For more information on doctors who treat knee pain:

Knee Pain in Women

Penn Medicine offers a specialized female athlete program, the only multidisciplinary center of its kind in the region and one of only a few female athlete centers in the country, which focuses on active women and their injuries.

Women have different musculoskeletal needs from men, due to many influences, including anatomy, biomechanics and hormones. The Penn Center for the Female Athlete treats active women, from weekend warriors and recreational athletes to collegiate and professional athletes.

Whether you're an all-star athlete who wants to be back in the game or a grandmother who wants to play with your grandchildren, our orthopaedic knee team will help restore your quality of life and get you back in action.

In This Section

Knee Surgery

If you are experiencing knee pain from an injury or arthritis, Penn Orthopaedics provides a comprehensive surgical and rehabilitation program with the latest technology and the most experienced surgeons in the region.

Non-Surgical Knee Treatment

Orthopaedic specialists at Penn Medicine offer and recommend conservative non-surgical treatment options for knee pain and knee injuries whenever appropriate.

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