The Penn Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation is a state-of-the-art facility that combines the skills of ophthalmology, optometry and occupational therapy to make the most of vision that cannot be restored further through medical or surgical means.

Each patient who comes to the center receives an in-depth evaluation to determine his or her specific needs. Through special tests, we are able to discover which low-vision aids will be most helpful. These aids may include microscopic lenses, special magnifiers, closed circuit television, computer systems and telescopes. Each aid is designed to help the patient perform specific tests at a range of distances.

Non-optical aids available to the low vision patient include large-print reading materials, writing guides, household helpers and games.

Each patient has different needs and goals. Although we cannot cure or even change underlying causes of low vision, we do make every effort to improve our patients' quality of life by training them to make the most of what vision they do have. This may require follow-up visits for additional training and counseling. Each patient's willingness to work at learning new ways to see is an important factor.

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