Support for Mother and Baby

Your baby deserves the very best start in life. That's why our team works closely with all new mothers to discuss breastfeeding support and options, and to provide guidance throughout this special time.

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Breastfeeding provides many health benefits for babies and women, and we help make it work for you. Still, we know it’s not the right choice — or always possible — for every family. We offer services that support your decision to breastfeed, use infant formula or a combination.

Breastfeeding Services at Penn Medicine

Throughout your pregnancy and after you deliver, our caring team helps you understand infant feeding options. We listen to your needs and help you make a feeding plan. Our breastfeeding support includes:

  • Certified lactation consultants: Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants® (IBCLC) have extensive training to give you the skills and confidence to nurse. Our maternity nurses also have lactation training. After childbirth, a lactation specialist is available to assist with breastfeeding issues.
  • One-on-one support: We support everyone who faces breastfeeding challenges. If you struggled with nursing in the past, we provide counseling during pregnancy to get you off to a better start. You may have a health condition like diabetes, which may affect milk production. Or you might need to pump or try other techniques. Whatever the issue, we can help.
  • Rooming-in options: To promote bonding and ensure a good start to breastfeeding, you can keep your baby with you during your hospital stay. We also have an on-site nursery if needed.
  • Breastfeeding supplies: We rent breast pumps and sell supplies like nursing pillows and nursing bras. A certified bra fitter at Solutions for Women at Pennsylvania Hospital ensures a comfortable fit.

Baby-Friendly Hospitals

Many Penn hospitals have earned the Baby-Friendly® Hospital designation. This distinction recognizes our commitment to helping you succeed at breastfeeding. It also acknowledges the many ways we help parents learn to prepare and give formula to infants safely. We encourage rooming-in with your baby and skin-to-skin contact. We also provide individualized support to new parents.

Lancaster General Health’s Women & Babies Hospital was the first medical center in Pennsylvania to receive the Baby-Friendly Hospital designation. Other Penn hospitals with this distinction include:

Breastfeeding Support

To promote breastfeeding success after you go home, we offer:

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Solutions for Women Boutique

Solutions for Women at Pennsylvania Hospital is a unique boutique offering a variety of distinct life-enhancing health care items, including specialty women's health, maternity and breastfeeding support products, as well as outpatient lactation services.

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