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Dr. Neil Malhotra Spine

Neurosurgeons at The Penn Spine Center provide comprehensive medical and surgical care for the most complex disorders of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. Penn is a regional and national leader in providing quality spine care utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach, implementing the latest advances in techniques and technology, and applying basic science and clinical research to improve spinal care.

Dr. Schuster Spine

Penn continues to be the choice for complex conditions of the spine. It is home to more neurosurgeons ranked in The Best Doctors in America than any other hospital in the area.

No matter the condition or problem, Penn neurosurgeons have a vast arsenal of tools to evaluate, diagnose and treat the most complex spine disorders. Penn practitioners employ definitive technologies with the ultimate goal of seeking the highest quality and best outcomes possible.

Working in tandem with other Penn specialists, our neurosurgeons treat the following:

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Diagnosis and Evaluation

Penn neurosurgeons use advanced diagnostic testing including imaging, blood tests, and perform a full physical examination to determine disorders of the spine.

Neurosurgical Spine Treatments

Penn's Neurosurgical Spine Center provides both surgical and non-surgical treatments and procedures.

Spinal Tumor

At the Penn Spine Center, we have a highly-skilled team of physicians that are dedicated to providing superior care to patients with spinal tumors.

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