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The digitization of health care is enabling providers to gain insights into patients and help them in ways that hadn’t been possible before. The creation of a neurosurgery patient-satisfaction survey developed by Neil R. Malhotra, MD, Vice Chairman for Operations and Associate Program Director of the Department of Neurosurgery at Penn Medicine. Using the EpiLog tool to survey Penn Neurosurgery patients has been helping capture the "A Patient's Voice" which is providing insights to close the gab between doctor and patient communication during neurosurgery care.

Below are patient responses from the patient-satisfaction survey per neurosurgeon:  

Dr. Zarina Ali

“After sustaining my injury to my back I was extremely concerned that I would not be able to walk without assistance of some kind. Fortunately, with the surgery and care of Dr Ali and her team I am now walking normally. Actually. Thank you Dr. Ali”

“Doctor Ali was great and I'm grateful she was the one to prefer the surgery on me.”

“Dr Ali always kept me informed and safe during my surgical experience.”

“Dr Ali has given me my life back. To me it is a miracle.”

“Dr Ali is a talented and proficient surgeon. I will recommend her highly.”

“Dr Zarina Ali is excellent and I trust her!”.

“Dr. Ali and her staff changed my life!!!! In every aspect. My surgery was a complete success! I tell everyone about Dr.Ali and Penn Medicine. Thank you, God Bless! I am over Joyed!”

“Dr. Ali and her staff performed extremely well and have given me the opportunity to regain my ability to walk. I am extremely grateful to the whole Penn Medicine family for listening to me and addressing my health concerns.”

“Dr. Ali and her team have been wonderful from the beginning of my journey. Dr. Ali took the time to explain my condition to me, and her recommendations on the course of action. She is thorough, communicative and extremely knowledgable!”

“Dr. Ali and the Penn team were excellent. They made a part of my care and the hospital nurses took great care of me.”

“Dr. Ali is a great surgeon and physician she listens to her patient and takes her time to explain everything in details and make you feel extremely comfortable i would and have recommended other patients to her she is awesome.”

Dr. Gordon Baltuch

“Dr. Baltuch and his team are fantastic. They pay attention to the patient’s wishes and needs and respond appropriately. They have a positive attitude, which is infectious.”

“ Dr. Baltuch and his team were amazing. They were very thoughtful throughout the whole procedure. I now have my life back after the MR Guided Focused Ultrasound treatment for Essential Tremor. I highly recommend Dr. Baltuch and his staff at Penn Med.”

“Dr. Baltuch and team are a skilled, thorough and thoughtful group!”

“Dr. Baltuch is top shellf ,will highly recommend penn neurosurgery”


“Dr. Baltuch and the PENN family has provided excellent care and I would recommend to everyone.”

“Dr. Baltuch explained everything to me. I was so happy with the results! No more Tremors!!”

“Dr. Baltuch has the most professional and caring TEAM in all of medicine.”

“Dr. Baltuch was excellent in the Focused Ultrasound neurosurgery he performed. His staff is excellent. Pennsylvania Hospital staff could not have been better. Already recommending all involved to others.”

“Dr. Baultch was excellent with my procedure and checked on me before and after surgery along with my stay in Pennsylvania Hospital. The entire staff has been exceeding the expectations and answering all questions I had and still have. Highly recommend.”

Dr. Steven Brem

“Care was wonderful. Dr. Brem and his staff are the best.”

“Dr. Brem is not only knowledgeable and very competent but he also a good listener. I feel he is genuinely interested in what your concerns are in making these big life decisions regarding the best interventions and plan of care for you, his patient.”

“Dr. Brem was fabulous as was his team. Nursing staff in ICU were terrific. Dr. Brem thoroughly explained the surgery, informed me post-surgery of everything he did & prepared me for next steps. He could not have been better.”

“Dr. Brem did not just save my life - he gave it back to me. After a successful surgery he passed me on to an outstanding team for treatment. Bravo and thank you Dr. Brem!”

“Dr. Brem is top shelf and the care I received at UPenn Hospital was awesome. Thank you!”

“Dr. Brem saved my life.”

“Dr. Brem was supportive and informative before and after the surgery. He was willing to reply to all questions asked.”

“Dr. Brem was truly a gift- if I had to have any brain surgery (never imagined), I am so glad he was there when I was in Penn’s ER. He was compassionate, clear, and confident and even made me giggle during an urgent circumstance. And was kind to my husband.”

“I am very lucky to have had Dr. Brem.”

“I couldn't be more thankful for the help that Dr. Brem gave me! I will be forever grateful for the improvements brought to my life from his expertise. I still have some minor deficits but I am determined to improve.”

Dr. H. Issac Chen

“Dr. Chen and the whole Penn Team was excellent during my son's situation. Thank you!”

“Dr. Chen and his team were excellent pre and post surgery.”

“Dr. Chen is a great doc and doctors and Penn Presbyterian helped save my life.”

“Dr. Chen was excellent I am so happy I had him do my surgery and follow up care.”

“Dr. Chen and his team were excellent to our entire family during this very difficult time. They were sensitive yet gave us the difficult results. We really appreciate them.”

“Dr. Chen is a fantastic surgeon technically and has the best bedside manner. He took whatever time needed to answer all of my questions and truly cared about my outcome and progress during recovery.”

“Dr. Chen is a knowledgeable and skilled surgeon but he is very personable too. I have not found that too often with most surgeons. That extra step put me at ease going into surgery with him. He did an Excellent job, recovery was as he said.”

“Dr. Chen was appropriate, excellent, professional in the hospital. Hospital staff was following through appropriately, professionally and instructing patient and caregiver well.”

“Dr. H. Isaac Chen, MD has been informative, explanatory, realistic, able to explain in layman's and medical terms, helpful to encourage research and proper information. He did explain MRIs, surgical procedure, findings appropriately”.

“Dr. Isaac Chen is a brilliant surgeon and I would highly recommend him!!!”

“Dr. Isaac Chen is fantastic and has a great bedside manner!”

“Dr. Isaac Chen was excellent and explained everything to me prior to my surgery giving me 100% confidence in his ability to remove the tumor from my brain. Woohoo!!!”

“Dr. Isaac Chen was excellent! He has an excellent bedside manner, thoroughly explained the procedure, then removed the tumor and rebuilt my spine. Highly recommend.”

Dr. Omar A. Choudhri

“Dr. Choudhri is brilliant and saved my life!! Forever grateful to him.”

“Dr. Choudhri was very professional and answered all my questions.”

“Dr. Choudhri was awesome, I felt I was in great care.”

“Dr. Choudhri and his team are excellent.”

“Dr. Omar A. Choudhri, MD is an outstanding neurosurgeon and very good at explaining what is going on so I can make the best decisions as I am 93yrs old thanks to Dr. Choudhri!”

“Omar Choudhri, MD is an outstanding neurosurgeon.”

“Not only is Dr. Choudhary an incresdible Neurosurgeon, he is an awesome person. clearly cares for his patients and does an amazing job.”

“Penn Medicine, its doctors, nurses, and additional staff are second to none; professional, personable. Whether in Philadelphia or the suburbs, the facilities run like well-oiled machines. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Choudhri and Penn Neurosurgery.”

Dr. Stephen Dante

“Dr. Dante is a great surgeon.”

“Dr. Dante is the best at what he does, I wouldn’t have any other doctor touch my spine.”

“Dr. Dante and his nurse practitioner are a perfect team.. very thankful a family member recommended them!!”

“Dr. Dante was excellent!”

“Dr. was very caring and helpful to family.”

“Excellent care, physician and nursing staff.”

“I had a wonderful experience at Penn. The staff did everything they could to make me feel comfortable and ease my fears. Dr. Dante's warm and friendly personality eased my anxiety about having surgery and I knew I was in good hands.”

“My outcome was far better than I expected. I went from trouble walking and not being able to sit for long to beating a friend at golf within 4 months of recovery and feel better every day.”

“Outstanding care in all respects.”

“Overall procedure went well and Dr.'s and staff have been excellent. Only thing to add would be that it took a long time to get out of the hospital after the surgery due to having to wait a long time for a wheelchair and person to take me out of hospital.”

“The staff at Dr. Stephen Dante's office are kind and compassionate. I'm so happy I elected Dr. Dante to do my surgery! I'm only 2 weeks post-surgery (laminectomy L4 L5) I’m 90% pain free! Thank your office staff, Nicole Pham + Dr. Dante!”

“Would only want Dr. Dante to operate on my spine. I totally trust him and have had 3 surgeries on my spine and he has helped me get back to being myself after I could hardly walk at one point Dr Dante and Penn Medicine is the BEST.”

“Your entire process from 1st visit to last visit including the hospitalization and surgery were excellent. Dr. Dante heard my concerns and alleviated my fears and took the time to explain all aspects of my procedure and what to expect.”

Dr. M. Sean Grady

“Dr. Grady and his staff have been outstanding. I am most grateful for their willingness to answer questions and concerns that arise. “

“Dr. Grady and his team are outstanding, providing the best care and are extremely professional.”

“Dr. Grady and his team did a fantastic job on my surgery. He is a very caring and thorough surgeon.”

“Dr. Grady and the Penn Neurosurgery team are amazing.”

“Dr. Grady and the staff that worked with him saved my life,”

“Dr. Grady is an amazing surgeon. I am highly grateful for his work and patient ethics.”

“Dr. Grady, Dr. O'Malley and Penn Medicine saved my life! I cannot give Dr. Grady enough praise and kudos. He responded to my every question and every need. He also understood "me" and personalized his care to suit my personality and needs.”

“Dr. Grady's staff, at his office and in the hospital, are wonderful. They care about what I say, the questions I ask. They are considerate, understanding and kind. They follow up on phone calls and even initiate calls to make sure any issue as resolved.

“Happy to receive the correct diagnosis and on my way to recovery. We have much graditude for the excellent care and compassion provided by Penn.”

“My Neuro team is no doubt world class lead by the very best in Dr Grady. I have complete confidence in UPENN.”

“Penn Medicine far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Grady was excellent. All the staff from the nurses to the dietary staff to the housekeepers did everything possible to make me feel comfortable and well taken care of. thank you to everyone.”

“The total experience was excellent! I am very thankful for Dr. Grady’s surgery skills.”

Dr. John Y.K. Lee

“I am profoundly grateful to Dr. Lee. His expertise and skill saved my life. The Penn Medicine staff is phenomenal. Thank you to everyone at Penn!”

“I had a wonderful report from a previous patient of Dr. Lee who also had a MVD surgery. My experience was equally successful.”

“Dr Lee is an excellent person and caring a lot for patient. His behavior with patient is excellent. His surgery experience is unique. Glad to have Dr Lee as my doctor.”

“Dr Lee is kind, skilled, and patient. A rare combination.”

“Dr Lee, and Denise Miller make really scary situations understandable and surmountable. If the 'good hands people' solgan wasn't already taken they should have used it as it really applies.”

“Dr. John Lee and all associated with him and his practice are top notch professionals. Is so satisfying to me and my family to be in his/their care!”

“Dr. John Lee is an excellent Neurosurgeon. He is compassionate, is very informative regarding the process of your care. Dr. Lee's medical staff is excellent.”

“Dr. John Lee. Is an excellent surgeon. He is compassionate, listens to your concerns, but most of all he wants to what’s the best thing for your health!!”

“Dr. John Y Lee is the best neurosurgeon I have ever met and I very grateful for his talent and care.”

“Dr. John Y.K. Lee and Denise Miller are absolutely wonderful at their jobs. They treated me with respect and were honest with what I can expect as a newly diagnosed brain tumor patient.”

“Dr. John Y.K. Lee and Denise Miller are highly skilled and talented at saving lives. Do not ever let them leave Penn Medicine.”

“Dr. John YK Lee and Nurse Practitioner Denise are wonderful! Both of them made me feel comfortable and less worried about my surgery. They made a very difficult and tedious surgery look like it was very easy. They continued to show support post-surgery.”

“Dr. Lee and his staff always made sure I understand everything. They were very thorough.”

“Dr. Lee and his staff and all the people at Penn have treated me with compassion!”

“Dr. Lee and his staff have been professional throughout my surgery and the post surgery period.”

“Dr. Lee and NP Denice Miller are amazing. Truly sent from high powers to initiate change. To change people's lives. Forever. Like forever and always. I'm humbled and grateful to have crossed paths with them.”

“Dr. Lee communicates well and relates well to patients. He is also a great surgeon who instills confidence. I trust him utterly.”

Dr. Timothy H. Lucas

“Dr. Lucas and his staff treated me very well throughout the whole process! I would highly recommend him in the future!!!”

“Dr. Lucas and his team are some of the most knowledgeable, professional and capable people we've ever dealt with. Their attention to detail and anticipating my health needs is first class. We have had full confidence in Penn Medicine since the beginning.”

“Dr. Lucas and the entire staff kept me and my family informed throughout the entire procedure. So Far everything is going as explained.”

“Dr. Lucas did an excellent job explaining surgical options and my condition prior to surgery, in terms I would understand.”

“Dr. Lucas has changed my life for the better and I would recommend him to anyone!”

“Dr. Lucas is an amazing Neurosurgeon, he cares at the core for his patients. He has done 2 surgeries successfully on me with good outcomes. I would highly recommend him for his expertise and compassion. Thank you so much Dr. Lucas.”

“Dr. Lucas is an excellent Surgeon. I have undergone 3 procedures. All have gone excellent. I have recommended him to Family and friends. They were very happy with outcomes of their procedures. I plan to continue to see Tim whenever an issue arises.”

“Dr. Lucas is extremely knowledgeable and has done an excellent job helping to manage my seizures. He is always there to answer questions and make sure you feel comfortable going into surgery. He is top notch on the knowledge scale when it comes to neuro.”

“Dr. Lucas made me feel at ease, and encouraged that future procedures would be successful.”

“Dr. Lucas was outstanding and his team was outstanding, positive and personable and informative!!”

“Dr. Lucas was really great with every aspect of my surgery. He was also extremely excellent when it came to bed side manor. I have already put his name out to multiple people who are looking for a good neurosurgeon.”

“Dr. Lucas was very informative and spent time explaining the MRI and surgery.”

“Dr. Timothy H. Lucas and his world-class team performed my Awake Craniotomy with spectacular results. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Their skill, compassion, professionalism, and commitment to patient satisfaction is preeminent.”

Dr. Neil R. Malhotra

“I am glad that I chose Penn Medicine for my lower back surgery. I love my physician, Dr. Neil Maholtra and physician's assistant Jen P. I feel my quality of life will improve as my recovery gets better. They treat you like family!”

“Dr. Malhotra and Jennifer Pallela, CRNP have provided outstanding care to me! I would recommend them to everyone I know who may need neurosurgery without reservation!!! Thank you, my life has been changed for the better because of Dr. Malhotra!!!”

“Dr. Malhotra and staff were excellent! I am pain free and couldn’t be happier.”

“Dr. Malhotra answered all the questions that I had and I am happy with the surgery. Still need to recover and get back sensitivity in my fingers and range of motions of the neck.”

“Dr. Malhotra has exceeded my expectations. He involved the entire family during the process, he is extremely personable, and genuinely cared about me throughout my time spent with Penn Neurosurgery. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.”

“Dr. Malhotra has given me my life back!! Thanks to him and Jen Pallela, CRNP I am able to be the husband and father I once was again to my family...I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!”

“Dr. Malhotra helped with getting my life back. I am now more mobile and able to do things I enjoy. Thank you, Dr. Malhotra, Jen, and Eileen!!”

“Dr. Malhotra is a gifted surgeon and a great man, who saved my daughter's life. The whole Penn team was courteous and professional, and eased my burdens with wonderful care.”

“Dr. Malhotra is a truly gifted neurosurgeon. He is backed by a truly impressive team. Her name is Jennifer Durkan. She is a sunny and efficient lead for Dr. Malhotra team.”

“Dr. Malhotra is one of the best surgeons in the country. He is very professional and caring. I am very grateful for him and his staff.”

“Dr. Malhotra is outstanding. My spine is stronger than it has been in years.”

“Dr. Malhotra made the whole process less scary for me. Dr. Malhotra and his staff are great to work with.”

“Dr. Malhotra was great and his team did an awsome job. Anything that was needed his staff was on it. They really took the time to hear my concerns and did a wonderful job explaining everything I needed to know.”

“Dr. Malhotra was very careful to make sure I understood as much as possible about my disc problem, and the surgical procedure to correct it. I greatly appreciated his patience, and the clear information. All staff was compassionate, kind and patient.”

Dr. Paul J. Marcotte

“After 2 failed surgeries thru Rothman, 7 mos of pain and depression, I met Dr Marcotte. After my surgery at Penn, I've felt myself improving every day, and finally have hope for a future. TY Dr Marcotte! “

“Both my P/T therapist agree Dr Marcotte was a “Miracle Worker” (she also felt my perseverance was a miracle). I have already recommended Dr Marcotte to many people!”

“Dr Marcotte completely changed my life for the best. I would recommend dr Marcotte for anybody who is truly serious in getting their condition fixed. 3 levels fused, 4 decompressed, I’m 34 yrs old.”

“Dr. Marcotte diagnosed my issue and I believe addresed it in the least invasive way. What he told me to expect after the surgery was just the way it happened. I am thankful to have found Dr Marcotte and would recommend him to anyone who asks.”

”Dr. Marcotte did an excellent job on my surgery I have not been pain free like I am now for almost 10 years. I would never think about going elsewhere for my treatment I owe Dr Marcotte and his nurse Megan are super I owe them a debt of gratitude.”

“Dr. Marcotte did an excellent job with my surgery. Very pleased with nursing staff, they kept me comfortable me 2 days here.”

“Dr. Marcotte has always made me feel like he is listening to me and interested in what I am saying. His concern for me was always very apparent. He is a very caring man. I have told many many people of his great human qualities.”

“Dr. Marcotte has performed two spinal fusions, 10 years apart, and both procedures have gone very well and relieved my pain. I have returned to full activities without pain.”

“Dr. Marcotte is a true professional and answered all my concerns before and after surgery.”

“Dr. Marcotte is the best very honest n dedicated to his patients I’m so lucky to have him as my doctor as I have been thru spinal fusion twice n first time had 10 years of pain free life to spend with my horses n now I was fused again in January doing great.”

“Dr. Marcotte and his Team successfully addressed my Cervical Stenosis with a laminectomy and fusion. I am returning to address a problem with L3. I have scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and severe degenerative osteoarthritis.”

“Dr. Marcotte and his team were truly incredible. The hospital staff treated me with the greatest care and concern and I cannot thank everyone enough!”

“Dr. Marcotte is a very skilled surgeon who corrected what another surgeon did not. I would recommend him to anyone who needs spine surgery. He was very personable at my visit and stay in the hospital and my life and pain have greatly improved.”

“Dr. Marcotte is a wonderful surgeon. I've been through a cervical and lumbar surgery with him. I cannot praise him enough for helping to improve my quality of life!”

“Dr. Marcotte gave me my life back. I wish I had come to him 3 years earlier.”

“Dr. Marcotte and his team are excellent and I have received excellent care--I have non fusion of part of the fusion surgery and have recurrent pain--this is a well no problem that occurs in my age group>”

Dr. Donald M. O'Rourke

“Most back and neck pain has been reduced or eliminated, still have nerve pain in both arms is some positions.”

“My neurosurgeon was excellent. The hospital acquired infections were detrimental to my well-being. the rooms were dirty and noisy, nursing missed many infiltrated Vs, cellulitis, etc. If I were not a physician myself, and constantly monitoring myself.”

“My Neurosurgeon was first-rate; completely the best! All doctors, nurses and staff were great! My surgery and experience with Penn Medicine and Penn Neurosurgery has helped me immeasurably!”

“Neck surgery sounds terrifying. My experience with Penn was comfortable, the staff was amazing, this procedure has changed my life.”

“Dr. O'Rourke and Staff exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend to others needing attention.”

“Dr. O’Rourke and his team were the best. He is my neurosurgeon and I trust him completely.”

“Dr. O'Rourke is a world class surgeon that i trust with my life. He is skilled like no one else . I would recommend him to anyone.”

“Dr. O'Rourke is absolutely amazing, I feel as if I have a second chance at life and I intend to take full advantage of it. My family and myself are so grateful for what he's done for me. I thank his parents for having him and his family for sharing him with.”

“Dr. O'Rourke is the best and I am happy that I decided to have the surgery and even happier that he was my surgeon he did an amazing job and I couldn't be more pleased.”

“Dr. O'Rourke addresses any issues that arose pre and post operatively, I have every confidence in him.”

“Dr. O'Rourke and his team did a wonderful job answering all of my questions and made sure I completely understood the process. When facing a serious surgery such as mine, it was reassuring to know I was in good hands!”

“Dr. O'Rourke and his team were absolutely amazing. Dr. O'Rourke was confident, competent, and eased our fears and anxiety. We thank Dr. O'Rourke every day for his amazing skill!”

“Dr. O'Rourke is an excellent neurosurgeon. He saved my life!”

“Dr. O'Rourke took me in and scheduled me for my procedure as quickly as it could be done (after required scans). I have had no pain and my recovery/reduction of deficits has been rapid. Physicians, nurses and all members of the team have been excellent!”

“Dr. O'Rourke work to find every solution for the best possible outcome lending continued support.”

“Dr. O'Rourke, his staff, the nurses and everyone who took such amazing care of me during and after my surgery have given me a new lease on life. I am forever grateful for their care!”

Dr. Ali K. Ozturk

“Doctor Ozturk was outstanding in all areas relating to my lower back and leg spinal issues. The quality and quantity of information given to me by Dr Ozturk and his entire staff was outstanding.”

“Dr. Ozturk is always polite & courteous. He explains things to my understanding and gives options. I appreciate his expertise and help.”

“Dr. Ozturk is amazing and my surgery has improved my life immensely.”

“Dr. Ozturk is great, I feel better than my last surgery.”

“Dr. Ozturk is very calming and confident which made me feel less anxious.”

“Dr. A. Ozturk has helped me through my first phase of Laminectomies & Foramininomies surgery. the surgery has relieved somewhat the painful nerve pain in my lower spine. I still have some pain in lower spine that is different than the nerve pain.”

“Dr. kept his word regarding my surgery, I recovery process is getting better by day.”

“Dr. Osturk is a kind and compassinate doctor. He answers my questions. I would recommend anyone to see him if need be.”

“Dr. Osturk is a very approachable doctor, he is patient and answers all my questions. I could not be happier.”

“Dr. Osturk is absolutely amazing. I am so thankful he did my surgery. I would have never had the outcome I have otherwise.i have no pain at all, and it has been 6 months since my surgery. I refer him to a lot of people.”

“Dr. Ozturk did a super job explaining and performing the operation and the recuperation as did Physician Assistant Ben Hurtig. My highest recommendation would be to consult with and employ them again.”

“Dr. Ozturk is a kind, caring and compassionate doctor. He listens to his patients. I would not choose another doctor over Dr. Ozturk. He is awesome.”

“Dr. Ozturk is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor and I am very blessed to have him as my surgeon. I've already referred my friend to Dr. Ozturk and now my cousin might be visiting him.”

“Dr. Ozturk was very compassionate and I received excellent care from him. I received excellent care during my hospital stay. I would recommend this doctor to anyone.”

Dr. Dmitriy Petrov

“Dr. Petrov is amazing! I’ve already told everyone about him!”

“Everything was great and I woke up with no pain!”

“I am very satisfied. My care on all levels was excellent.”

“My care during my stay was excellent. My questions and concerns were net. Follow ups were done. The staff went above and beyond looking into my needs and comforts. Making sure I received the best of equipment needed.”

“My surgeon was very nice and I see him as a guardian angel.”

“Penn Neuro team has been amazing, from treatment to aftercare. I feel incredibly well taken care of.”

“The doctors and nurses were great. I was informed about my progress constantly and all my questions and needs were met.”

“The neurosurgeon and the neurologist at the emergency have been excellent and communicated the progress and the procedures very well.”

“Very nice dr. Took time to listen to my problem and fixed it and i am very thankful for him for all that he’s done.”

Dr. James Schuster

“Dr. Schuster was very funny, comforting and honest. He was also very informative about my condition and procedure, I am pleased with him.”

“Dr. James Shuster performed 2 spinal surgeries on my spine and he is the only Surgeon I would let operate on my spine due to the quality of his work.”

“Dr. Schuster is awesome! Explaind what was going to occur and in an easy manner. All his staff were also excellent especially Michelle and Marriette.”

“My surgeon was honest with me. I’ve had 2 surgeries and I’m staying with Penn Medicine and my surgeon, Dr. James Schuster.”

“My surgeon was/is excellent. It's my understanding that he got a remarkably small screw into a remarkably small place, got it into the proper position, and my bone grew as it was supposed to. He and his team did a fantastic job with an unusual procedure.”

“I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery. I was mostly confined to my house and bed. The pain that I had pre-surgery is gone. Thank you Dr. Schuster for the excellent surgery you performed on me. I am praising you to everyone I talk with.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Penn Neurosurgery along with Dr. James Schuster and his staff. I am extremely satisfied with the results from my hemilaminectomy surgery. NO MORE PAIN!”

“My surgical team made me feel like they viewed me as a complete human being, rather than a number or solely a reflection of the procedure I had done.”

“My surgical team treated me as though I was a good friend or family member, I felt I could truly trust their care and opinions and that they valued mine when it came to my care.”

“Dr. Schuster and his team are caring professionals. At this point, I feel better than I have in years!”

Dr. William Welch

“Care from Dr. Welch, neurosurgery office staff and hospital staff has all been excellent. Staff has always shown a genuine interest in my well-being, and was particularly nice when providing their care-even in the middle of the night!”

“Dear Dr. Welch, I hardly know how to express the deep appreciation I have for your gift as a surgeon. When I woke from surgery and no longer had that excruciating pain in my sacrum and down my legs I just burst into tears of gratitude. I want you to know.”

“Dr. explained everything to the fullest extent and was very clear on procedure.”

“Dr. William Welch was thorough and clear in explaining my condition and what he could do to improve it. He also explained possible side effects and future surgeries that may be required. I feel like my care is in excellent hands with Dr. Welch and his staff.”

“Dr. and staff are excellent and I will definitely recommend to others. Only disappointment was having so much scar tissue on nerves from surgery causing constant pain and severe numbness in both legs.”

“Dr. Welch and his team treated me with the utmost respect and kindness. His residences were always professional and comforting. I would highly recommend Dr. Welsch and his team.

“Dr. Welch and his team were exceptional. He was excellent in his care and he has given me hope to returning to the active lifestyle I enjoy. The nurses in the ICU were amazing.”

“Dr. Welch and his team were incredible and attended to all of my needs. I was very thankful Dr. Welch brought his team in to perform surgery on a Saturday. I could not have imagined having to wait a whole another month for my surgery.”

“Dr. Welch exceeded my expectations. His guidance and care were phenomenal. When I saw Dr. Welch's video vignette, it brought me to tears because it felt like he was describing me.”

“Dr. Welch is amazing and caring. I would and have recommended him to others.”

“Dr. Welch is an excellent neurosurgeon, caring personable and an expert in his field. Intensive care unit care was very good, care on the floor was fair and I was somewhat disappointed. Dr. Welch's staff in both the OR and neurology offices is excellent.”

Dr. Ji-Suk Kristen Yoo

“My experience at Penn Presbyterian was outstanding and I am very happy I choose Dr Yoo.”

“My experience was awesome, pain management and I didn’t completely agree on when I should resume my Suboxone, but it wasn’t a problem for me. Overall, it was a great experience.”

“My experience with the staff & surgeon was excellent. They listened to me & gave clear concise instructions. Dr. Yoo was excellent & made sure that i understood what was going to happen from beginning to end of my procedure.”

“Neurosurgery was carried out very professionally, surgeon answered all my questions and was very caring.”

“The doctors and nurses at Penn are great! The level of care and comfort I received there was a 10!”

“Very pleased with my doctor, anticipating no further complications.”

Dr. Jang Won Yoon

“Dr. Yoon is a miracle worker. The entire staff is fantastic. Thank you.”

“Dr. Yoon and the staff improved my life in amazing ways! I didn’t even realize the extent ti which I was debilitated until after surgery.”

“Dr. Yoon is excellent, caring & shares information with my other doctors.”

“Fantastic experience all the way through. The nurses and doctors were all very comforting. Results of surgery were fantastic!”

“Has been caring and trying to get me back to close to my normal self and getting back to life.”

“I am very satisfied with the neurosurgeon and all the staff at Pennsvalyia Hospital & Good shepherd Penn Partners.”

“My experience at PAH far exceeded my experience at HUP.”

“Surgery took away my leg pain completely.”

Dr. Eric Zager

“Dr. Zager and staff were excellent. Made me feel very comfortable and confident through entire experience.”

“Dr. Zager and the staff at Penn exceeded my expectations. From the pre-op appointment through the surgery and beyond, I was treated with exceptional care.”

“Dr. Zager was great. Down to earth and honest as t expectations

Dr. Eric Zager was knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. I could not had a better doctor considering my circumstances. In addition, the other physicians and doc tors who assisted in my care were outstanding as well.”

“Dr. Zagar's staff and the hopstial staff was very professional and courteous. I was informed of everything having to do with my care during my hospital stay. Excellent care. Thank you.”

“Dr. Zager & Staff provided me with the best experience. They were patient and explained every step thoroughly. 1000% Satisfactory.”

“Dr. Zager and his staff go above and beyond to help. I feel fortunate to have such a wonderful doctor!”

“Dr. Zager and his team are awesome! I feel very confident that my healthcare will be in very capable hands.”

“Dr. Zager and his team provides excellent care. I feel confident as his patient.”

“Dr. Zager explained everything about the procedure so that I would understand. I did not have any complications and felt great after the procedure. I would recommend Dr. Zager and Penn Medicine to anyone.”

“Dr. Zager gave me my life back when I thought I would never regain use of my arm again. I am even able to ride dirt bikes and motorcycles again which I never thought would happen.”

“Dr. Zager is excellent. I have a rare medical condition that requires frequent brain surgeries and he is up to date on everything.”

“Dr. Zager is truly amazing. He did my spine surgery and had me up and home the next day feeling wonderful.”

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