Our program for healthcare professionals supports participants to use mindfulness meditation as a way to manage personal stress, connect more deeply to their patients, and recapture their calling for caring.

Healing the Heart and Mind: Mindfulness Meditation for Health Care Professionals

*Details coming soon about our Spring 2017 program*
This course is designed for any healthcare professional who would like to learn to use mindfulness meditation as a way to manage stress and enrich clinical practice. Learn more and register.

More than ever, health care professionals find that stress has a huge impact on their patient's health, and their own. Mindfulness cultivates a stable healing presence that benefits patients and providers alike. Mindfulness meditation techniques are widely used to manage stress, and are especially effective at reducing the stresses of time pressure and excessive workload that make modern health care so difficult.

But mindfulness has much more to offer health care providers than simple stress management. The art of healing is as important as its science. Meditation techniques have been practiced for thousands of years because they cultivate presence, empathy, compassion, and connectedness in a simple and straightforward way. These experiences have a special importance for health care providers because they restore a component of healing that is often overlooked by our modern health care system. As we become more adept at dwelling in the living presence of our own experience, we begin to connect more deeply with patients, as well as co-workers and family members. Mindfulness practice provides a simple and practical way to recapture the calling of healing.

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