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Classes Begin Classes End Course Title
September 3
September 24
September Mindfulness Practice Support (Online) (one-hour sessions)
September 15
September 15
An Evening With Dr. Jud Brewer: Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety (Online) (90-minute program)
September 16
September 16
Showing Up: Introduction to Mindful Writing (Online) (two-hour workshop)
October 1
October 29
October Mindfulness Practice Support (Online) (one-hour sessions)
October 7
November 11
Building a Mindful Writing Practice (Online) (six-week course)
October 11
November 8
Stressed-Out Kids: Mindfulness for Teens (Online) (five-week course)
November 5
November 19
November Mindfulness Practice Support (Online) (one-hour sessions)
Ongoing Ongoing Mindfulness-based Coaching and Mentoring
Ongoing Ongoing Open Sittings for People of Color (Online) (third Thursday of the month)
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