We offer mindfulness programs to suit the needs of a beginner to the practice of mindfulness or someone who has completed our 8-week Foundation program and is seeking more advanced mindfulness training.  We also offer programs for healthcare providers, training for individuals interested in learning to teach mindfulness and customized programs for employer groups and other specific targeted populations.

  • Foundation Mindfulness Courses

    The Penn Program for Mindfulness teaches mindfulness-based practices through various workshops and programs.

  • Advanced Mindfulness Courses

    The Penn Program for Mindfulness courses for experienced meditators provide a more detailed exploration of the foundations of mindfulness and meditation.

  • Training in Teaching Mindfulness

    The Penn Program for Mindfulness offers a variety of training courses for those who wish to pursue teaching mindfulness-based practices to others.

  • Mindfulness in Health Care

    Our program for healthcare professionals supports participants to use mindfulness meditation as a way to manage personal stress, connect more deeply to their patients, and recapture their calling for caring.

  • Customized Programs

    The Penn Program for Mindfulness provides customized programming to support businesses and professional groups to apply mindfulness practices within their specific professional settings.

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