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The Penn Program for Mindfulness provides powerful tools for coping and personal growth. Combining modern cognitive science with ancient mindfulness techniques, the program teaches participants to change the way that they experience themselves and their world. Participants learn to reconnect with the sources of meaning in their lives, to be steady in the most difficult moments and to connect more deeply with what matters most. Skillfully applied, mindfulness-based approaches help individuals to let go of unproductive habits and reactivity and start anew.

The Penn Program for Mindfulness is committed to continuing to provide training in mindfulness that can help you to better manage the stress and uncertainty of this time. We encourage those hardest hit with financial difficulties to email us at to learn about reduced fee options based on individual need.

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    Special Classes, Events and Workshops

    Our community events and workshops are for individuals who are new to mindfulness. These include our 2-hour intro workshops and special events such as visiting speakers, topic-oriented lectures and seminars and community-building talks. All of these programs are open to the public and do not typically require experience in mindfulness.

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    Foundation Mindfulness Courses

    Foundation courses are for individuals who are new to mindfulness. Our 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Management course which is a structured, foundational process of learning mindfulness-based techniques that can be personalized for use in real life situations.

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    Advanced Mindfulness Courses

    The Penn Program for Mindfulness Advanced courses are primarily for experienced meditators and provide a more detailed exploration of mindfulness meditation.

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    Training in Teaching Mindfulness

    The Penn Program for Mindfulness offers several training courses for individuals who wish to ultimately pursue teaching mindfulness-based practices to others.

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    Mindfulness in Health Care

    Our program for healthcare professionals teaches participants how to use mindfulness meditation as a way to manage personal stress, connect more deeply with their patients and recapture the calling of healing.

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    Customized Programs

    The Penn Program for Mindfulness provides customized programming to support worksites and community organizations to apply mindfulness practices within their specific professional settings.

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    Mindfulness Coaching and Mentoring

    The Penn Program for Mindfulness provides personal mindfulness and mind-body coaching and mentoring to support individuals to reduce stress, reduce suffering and enhance well-being.

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