Founded by Dr. Michael Baime in 1992 to help patients with serious health conditions cope with the stress, pain and losses associated with illness, the program now benefits anyone who wishes to find a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling way to live.

More than 99 percent of people who complete our program tell us that they would recommend the program to friends and family members.

The Penn Program for Mindfulness has taught over 10,000 participants to:

  • manage difficulty and stress
  • reduce depression and anxiety
  • cope with trauma and loss
  • increase focus and mental clarity
  • improve communication in relationships
  • find purpose, meaning, and beauty in life
  • A Message from the Director

    Dr. Michael J. Baime, the founder and Director of the Penn Program for Mindfulness discusses the benefits of mindfulness-based techniques in our everyday lives.

  • Team and Teachers

    Penn Medicine’s mindfulness team consists of experts that combine the ancient practice of mindfulness with modern medicine.

  • News & Media

    Read news and media articles about Penn’s Mindfulness program.

  • Research

    Research shows that mindfulness-based practices greatly improves quality of life, increases working memory, and enhances emotional regulation.

  • Contact Us

    Contact the Penn Program for Mindfulness to find out more about our stress management programs.

  • Support Us and Donations

    It is through generous gifts to the Penn Program for Mindfulness that we are able to continue our mission to build a more mindful, caring community.

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