Hyperbaric Room

Hyperbaric Medicine

As one of the most comprehensive programs in the nation, Penn Medicine is a leader in advancing hyperbaric oxygen therapy research and treatment. 

Enter The Hyperbaric Chamber

With more than 35 years of research-based experience, our hyperbaric medicine clinical team has the knowledge and expertise to treat the full spectrum of emergency conditions and chronic illnesses.

Did you know?

The hyperbaric medicine division was established in 1968 by Christian J. Lambertsen, one of the primary inventors of SCUBA and the "Father of the US Navy Frogmen." This collaborative effort between the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Perelman School of Medicine provides patients access to one of the most comprehensive hyperbaric oxygen therapy programs in the country.

The University of Pennsylvania also offers a Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship. 

Learn more about the Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship

Treatment Team

Every hyperbaric therapy session, including emergency care, is directly supervised by a physician trained in hyperbaric medicine. Each of these Penn doctors is board certified in a primary specialty with additional certification in hyperbaric medicine.

Treatments and Procedures

Learn how hyperbaric oxygen therapy works as a treatment, and the types of conditions we treat with hyperbaric medicine.

What Patients Can Expect

Learn more about what you can expect with your hyperbaric medicine treatment, and the measures we take to ensure your safety.
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