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Penn Medicine's Hernia Program provides the most comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and advanced surgical care from doctors who are leaders in the field of hernia repair. Our dedicated team of physicians and surgeons are some of the most experienced hernia and reconstructive surgeons in the nation, many of whom exclusively focus and specialize in treating patients who suffer from hernias.

Our hernia team collaborates with other Penn specialists in plastic surgery, infectious disease, general surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy and pain management to provide multidisciplinary patient care. Through this approach, our patients benefit from individualized treatment plans that ensure they receive the most comprehensive assessment and treatment in the region.

In the following video, hernia surgeon, John Fischer, MD, discusses the program's two major focuses: Providing the best care to people with hernias and conducting research to improve people's outcomes.

Hernia Repair

Penn Medicine surgeons excel in treating all kinds of hernia cases including complex and recurrent hernias.

Hernia Research

Penn Medicine's hernia research program conducts ongoing investigational studies to develop new treatments for those suffering from hernias.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation is important for healthy healing and the prevention of future hernias. Penn Medicine can help you get back to your life.


Meet the team of experts who are associated with the Penn Hernia Program.

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