Specialty Heart Care for Women

Our team provides expert diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of heart conditions. Whether your condition is simple or complex, we're here to develop a plan that is right for you.

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Heart disease is the number one killer of women, and women face unique challenges when it comes to keeping their hearts healthy. Symptoms of heart disease may be different for women and life transitions, such as pregnancy and menopause, can have an impact on heart health.

To address these differences, the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Program was designed specifically to meet the challenges of accurately diagnosing, treating and preventing heart disease in women.

Who We Treat

We developed the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Program to care for women of all ages who are at risk for heart disease or who have heart disease. We also focus on important transitions in a woman’s life that may impact health. We will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that will help you be your healthiest self.

We also provide focused, specialized care through our Pregnancy and Heart Disease Program. Here we focus on women with heart disease who are pregnant or considering pregnancy, as well as postpartum women who may be at risk for developing heart disease later in life.

Conditions We Treat

Our physicians are specialty trained cardiologists who care for women with a wide range of heart conditions. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, are experiencing symptoms of a heart condition or are looking for a second opinion, our team is here to identify and treat common and uncommon heart conditions in women and oversee your heart health. We routinely treat women with:

We also specialize in treating conditions that are more common in women, including:

Why Our Program is Different

We believe that women should be empowered to achieve their best heart health possible and we work closely with our patients and other providers to make that happen. Our cardiologists partner with our Penn Heart and Vascular Center colleagues to provide access to cutting edge treatments and research studies. We also collaborate with providers throughout the health system including primary care, OB-GYN, and behavioral health to provide coordinated, integrated care.

In This Section

Treatment Team

Cardiologists at the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Program are experts in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in women.

Patient Stories

Inspirational stories about women with pregnancy related cardiac conditions who were treated at Penn.

Pregnancy and Heart Disease Program

Our maternal-fetal medicine and women’s heart experts care for individuals who are pregnant or considering pregnancy and who have heart disease or other heart conditions.

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