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Aortic stenosis, Valve replacement

Phil has been seeing his Penn cardiologist close to home in Media, PA for years. But when his condition worsened, his doctor got him right into surgery downtown, and quickly back home for cardiac rehab.

When a Heart Murmur Leads to Heart Trouble

When Phil was a child, his mother told him he had a heart murmur. At the time, he didn’t quite understand what that meant, and it didn’t stop him from playing high school sports and staying active.

“I think I’m doing pretty well at age 64, I’m very active and involved in an awful lot of things.”

One day, while playing tennis, Phil became increasingly short of breath. So he went in to see his cardiologist, who did some tests and determined Phil had aortic stenosis. He needed treatment right away.

“My Penn Cardiologist is located five minutes away from my house. It’s fantastic to have access to the best heart care in the region, right here at home.”

Aortic Stenosis: One of the Most Common, and Most Serious, Valve Disease Problems

Phil’s cardiologist explained that his condition was very serious and recommended surgery at Penn Medicine’s Heart & Vascular Center in downtown Philadelphia. From there, Phil’s team seamlessly scheduled his valve replacement surgery, followed by cardiac rehab back at home at Penn Cardiology Media.

“I was very fortunate that my team understood that there was no time to waste – I needed a valve replacement, and I needed it quickly. I felt like I was in tremendous hands.”

Penn Medicine Offers Seamless Care From Expert Heart Surgery to Easy, Convenient Rehab in Your Community

When Phil met his surgeon, Dr. W. Clark Hargrove, he asked when he’d be able to play tennis again. Phil was told, with proper rehab, he would probably be back on the courts in three months.

“The surgery went very well and the recovery was excellent. In the first week, it was amazing how much better I felt day to day. That was what was remarkable to me.”

With a successful surgery behind him, Phil worked slowly and consistently to improve and make progress.

“I really emphasize the importance of following your recovery plan and consistently working with your team. It’s really important for anyone after heart surgery.”

Penn Medicine Heart & Vascular, the Region’s #1 Ranked Heart Center

Exactly three months after his heart valve replacement surgery, Phil was back on the courts, hitting balls with his crew. They don’t take it easy on him, and he’s not about to take his good health for granted. He’s staying in shape, eating well and keeping regular appointments with his Penn Cardiologist.

“I wasn’t willing to settle for something that’s second best, that’s why I chose Penn. It’s your life, it’s your health. You owe it to yourself – and to your family and friends – to get the very best care.”

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