Advanced Mitral Valve Repair - Norma's Story

Getting married in your 80's might seem crazy, but Norma and Tom had reason to celebrate. When her mitral valve became severely damaged, daily life was difficult. Until Penn offered Norma a minimally invasive procedure that changed everything.

Redefining Possibilities in Heart Valve Repair and Replacement

Penn Medicine's Heart Valve Disease Program has grown dramatically in recent years and is now the largest in the region. Rapidly evolving improvements in the treatment of valve disease continue to drive that growth.

Finding the Best Alternative for Every Patient

Patients with a wide variety of mitral, aortic, pulmonic and tricuspid valve diseases come to Penn. In fact, Penn Medicine is a leading referral center for the most challenging heart valve disease cases, such as those involving patients:

  • Facing advanced disease.
  • With co-existing medical conditions.
  • Requiring additional procedures to correct previously unsuccessful surgery.

Penn's team of heart valve specialists emphasize:

  • Minimally invasive surgery.
  • Valve repair rather than valve replacement wherever possible.
  • New hybrid therapies for valve replacement that can replace two traditional procedures by a combination of less invasive procedures performed in the cardiac catheterization laboratory and the operating room.
  • New transcatheter (catheter-based) options to treat patients who previously have not been good candidates for surgery.

Collaboration Translates to Exceptional Care

Penn Medicine's program combines the skills of:

  • Experts in diagnostic cardiac imaging.
  • Interventional cardiologists specializing in high-risk catheter-based treatments.
  • Surgeons experienced in catheter-based, minimally invasive, hybrid, robotic and conventional procedures.

Cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons work as a team to carefully select the type of heart valve and procedure that is best for every patient. Whenever possible, valve repair is preferred to preserve the patient's own heart valve and avoid life-long anticoagulation (blood thinning) therapy.

In This Section

Treatments and Procedures

With a full array of medical, interventional and surgical options, discover the latest treatments and procedures available at the Penn Heart Valve Disease Program.

Treatment Team

Heart surgeons and cardiologists at Penn Medicine are leaders in the Philadelphia region for the treatment of heart valve disease.

Patient Stories

With thousands of heart valve patients treated at Penn, these select few were asked to share their experience.

Quality and Outcomes

Penn Medicine leads the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in cardiac surgery volume. View the Heart Valve Disease Program's quality and outcomes data.

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