PAH Cardiac Rehab Room The time after a heart attack, heart surgery, or other cardiac event can be challenging. Even though you are well enough to return home after your hospitalization your doctor will prescribe outpatient cardiac rehabilitation for you as an essential part of your recovery. Cardiac rehabilitation is a monitored exercise and education program that helps you regain your strength, reduce cardiac disease risk factors, and prevent future cardiac events.

Penn Medicine's outpatient cardiac rehabilitation center, located on the campus of the historic Pennsylvania Hospital, is your solution for maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle after a diagnosis of a heart condition. Our dedicated staff of cardiac physicians, registered nurses and exercise physiologists offer individualized regimens that provide exercise and education specific to your needs in a supportive environment that helps you have the confidence you need to get your life back.

How can the cardiac rehab program help you live a healthier and longer life?

The cardiac rehab team will guide you to better manage cardiac risk factors through:

  • Exercise: We create an individualized aerobic exercise plan designed specifically for you. We will help you gain strength and improve endurance so you can get back to your usual activities, including work, hobbies, and regular exercise.
  • Nutrition: We will help you learn about the importance of healthy eating habits, weight control, and smart food choices to help you lose weight and better manage blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • Education: We will provide individual and group education that covers controllable risk factors that contribute to heart disease so you can take a more active and responsible role in your recovery.
  • Support: Our staff will address concerns and give ongoing encouragement to help you cope with any emotions you may be feeling about your disease process. Staff can even guide you to find additional resources such as support groups, smoking cessation programs, nutritionist, and counseling.

Is cardiac rehab right for me?

Cardiac rehab lowers your risk of a second cardiac event.

Cardiac rehab is for any person who has experienced a heart attack or undergone angioplasty, bypass surgery, a heart transplant or valve surgery. Patient's recently diagnosed with new-onset chest pain or congestive heart failure may also be eligible (specific criteria apply).

Cardiac rehabilitation is covered by most insurance plans. Patients must be referred to the Penn Medicine Cardiac Rehab Program by their physician or cardiologist in order to participate.

Finding camaraderie in learning to be heart-healthy

Janice Byers and Anna Wheeler smile togetherCardiac rehab sessions gave Janice Byers much more than just a healthy heart. Learn more about Janice's story and her newfound friendship with fellow patient, Anna Wheeler.

When is cardiac rehab offered?

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call for an appointment.
  • Exercise and education sessions are based on your physician's prescription / referral.
  • Cardiac rehab is typically three sessions per week for 12 weeks.
  • Sessions are routinely between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • Our staff will make every effort to be flexible to accommodate your schedule.


Pennsylvania Hospital
Duncan Building, Suite 506
700 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

The entrance is on 700 Spruce Street adjacent.

FREE PARKING will be provided for up to 2 hours.

Other Penn Medicine Cardiac Rehab sites are available at our Penn Medicine Princeton Health, Chester County Hospital, and Lancaster General Health locations.

Contact Us

If you have any questions and would like to speak to our staff, please call 215-829-7895.

To speak with our program manager, please contact:
Gina Cavalli, MSN, RN, CNML
Phone: 215-829-2061

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