We understand that tobacco dependence is treated as a medical condition that needs to be controlled, just like asthma or diabetes. Our comprehensive smoking treatment program provides a supportive, encouraging environment and a team of health care professionals who don't rely on fear or shame to motivate you to quit.  

We can help you quit smoking by designing plans to meet your individual, specific needs. Our team collaborates with you to find the right combination of treatments to help you quit both safely and successfully. Visit the Penn Stop Smoking Treatment Program to learn more. 

If You Have Smoking-Related Medical Issues

We also  offer treatment for lung cancer and have a dedicated pulmonary critical care program. If you're facing a more critical illness, you'll find the same level of expertise, dedication and coordinated care throughout the Harron Lung Center. 

In This Section

Smoking Cessation Team

Our smoking cessation team can help you stop using tobacco products. 

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