Older woman meeting with her doctor

Specialized Care

Our providers are specialty trained in aging wellness with attention to early diagnosis and effective treatment of conditions related to aging.

Read About Our Penn Memory Center

Penn Medicine understands the special needs of the aging population and our geriatric medicine physicians provide personal attention and convenience to this growing segment of the community.

We are committed to promoting wellness and improving the quality of life for our patients. This includes comprehensive geriatric assessment and coordination of care for patients facing changes in their physical, mental, emotional or residential status.

Geriatric Medicine Programs and Services

Acute Care for Elders Unit

A home-like, specially designed mini-hospital where older adults receive care tailored to their needs

House Calls Program

Providing the expertise and care of Penn Medicine physicians right to the home of older adult patients

Penn Memory Center

The unified source for those age 65 and older seeking information about progressive memory loss

Sleep Conditions for Seniors

Evaluates and treats conditions that interfere with restful sleep, especially for older adult patients

Treatment Team

Meet Penn's team of experts who specialize in geriatric medicine.
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