The Penn Nutrition, Obesity and Celiac Disease Program offers a multidisciplinary approach to achieving and maintaining optimal digestive health and wellness. Our team of specialists provide evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for those with nutritional disorders such as:

Nutrition and obesity are often the underlying factors that cause a host of digestive disorders including celiac disease (CD). CD is an autoimmune disorder caused by a sensitivity to gliadin, a family of glycoproteins linked to gluten and found in foods and products containing wheat, rye, barley and their by-products. CD creates inflammation in the small intestine, and damage in the lining which prevents important components of food from being absorbed. CD requires treatment because over time, if left untreated, those with gluten-sensitive enteropathy have a higher chance of small bowel cancer, malabsorption and other serious complications. Strict avoidance of gluten is the first line of therapy for the management of uncomplicated celiac disease.

Our gastroenterologists and dietitians work together to create individualized treatment plans for those with CD and other absorption disorders.

Our comprehensive program provides:

  • Individualized nutritional assessment
  • Diet counseling
  • Medically-supervised weight loss care
  • Targeted nutritional therapy

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Treatment Team

Our team of specialists provide evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for nutritional disorders, including obesity and celiac disease.

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