This Penn Thyroid Nodule Clinic is for patients who were recommended to have a biopsy. If you are not sure you need or want a biopsy, or if you have had a prior thyroid biopsy, please call 1-800-789-7366 (PENN) to schedule a new patient consultative visit and not an appointment in the Thyroid Nodule Clinic.

To schedule a biopsy appointment at the thyroid nodule clinic, please fax the following to Susan Mandel, MD, c/o Rashawnda Sillah at 215-614-0418.

  • Name
  • Contact information including phone number and address
  • Copy of most recent thyroid function blood test results
  • Thyroid ultrasound report

Your information will be reviewed to determine if you can be directly scheduled into a biopsy appointment. If review of the records does not clearly indicate that a biopsy should be the next immediate step, you will be scheduled for a comprehensive evaluation by one of our endocrinologists.

You will receive a phone call within seven business days with more information. If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please call 1-800-789-7366.

What to expect at the Thyroid Nodule Clinic at the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine

During your first visit to the Thyroid Nodule Clinic, a Penn ultrasound staff member will perform a thyroid ultrasound.

The ultrasound scan will be evaluated by Dr. Susan Mandel, director of clinical endocrinology and diabetes, or Dr. Kristen Kobaly, assistant professor of clinical medicine, in conjunction with a radiologist.

Dr. Mandel or Dr. Kobaly will then determine if a thyroid biopsy is needed and will perform the biopsy.

What to expect during a thyroid biopsy

A thyroid biopsy can determine if cancer cells are present in the thyroid.

A thyroid biopsy uses a very thin needle – thinner than the one used to take blood for blood tests — to sample some of the cells from the thyroid nodule.

There are no special preparations for this biopsy. You may eat beforehand and you may drive afterward. You may also bring one support person with you, who is welcome to remain present in the room during your evaluation and possible biopsy.

Other Thyroid Biopsy Appointments

The following Penn endocrinologists also perform thyroid needle fine aspiration biopsy in the office. A pathologist is available for immediate evaluation of the biopsy.

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