Penn Medicine's Division of Medical Toxicology at the Perelman School of Medicine provides education and clinical support for the care of patients with suspected poisoning or adverse effects of medications. The medical toxicology faculty include:

Head shot of Jeanmarie Perrone, MD
Jeanmarie Perrone, MD FACMT
Head shot of Francis DeRoos, MD
Francis DeRoos, MD FACMT

They collaborate with the two Pediatric Emergency Medicine — Medical Toxicologists at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; Fred Henretig, MD FACMT and Kevin Osterhoudt, MD FACMT

As consultants to the Philadelphia Poison Center, they provide emergency support to clinicians caring for poisoned patients all over the Delaware Valley. In addition, evaluation of patients hospitalized at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia or in the HUP Emergency Department creates a significant opportunity for bedside toxicology teaching. The Division at HUP also has a large role in ensuring medication safety in the ED and hospital. Collaboration with the team of ED pharmacists creates increased drug surveillance and educational oversight for new medication processes especially evaluating high alert drugs in common use in the ED such as controlled substances, phenytoin, insulin and procedural sedation protocols and rapidly identifying safe alternative therapies in the presence of increasingly common drug shortages. Ongoing research projects include the evaluation of safe ED prescribing of opioid analgesics. Didactic education is multimodal: bimonthly toxicology conferences, resident toxicology rotations, poison center education initiatives and a "Clinical Connections" program with MD/PhD student interested in medical toxicology.

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