Four Specialized Clinics

Dedicated to advancing the prevention and treatment of skin cancer through specialized patient care, innovative research, and world-class education of medical providers.

  • Pigmented Lesion Group
    Specialized care for patients with melanoma
  • High-Risk Skin Cancer Clinic For Organ Transplant & Immunosuppressed Patients
    Specialized care for patients who are immunosuppressed and have an increased risk of multiple and/or aggressive skin cancers
  • Mohs & Reconstructive Surgery Clinic
    Specialized real-time pathology to guide surgical removal of skin cancers and to optimize reconstruction outcomes
  • Rare & Inherited Skin Cancer Clinic
    Specialized care for patients with rare skin cancers or inherited syndromes associated with skin cancers

Penn Dermatology Rapid Referral

Physicians can refer their patients through the web service below

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Pathology diagnoses of melanoma and rare tumors are confirmed by expert dermatopathologists in Penn Cutaneous Pathology Services.

The Penn Dermatology Oncology Center coordinates interdisciplinary care with the Abramson Cancer Center for patients with, or at risk for, metastatic skin cancer.

PennDOC also trains the next generation of clinical researchers by offering a yearlong clinical research fellowship for medical students between their 3rd and 4th years of school who are interested in pursuing a career in dermatology.

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