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The Penn Sleep Center offers virtual visits for select patients who may benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). 

CBT-I is a National Insititute of Health-approved method for treating chronic insomnia without sleeping pills. It is highly effective, long-lasting, safe, and appropriate for most people. If you are struggling with insomnia, call the Penn Sleep Center at 215-662-7772 to request an evaluation.


Virtual follow-up visits for CBT-I

Before you begin virtual visits for CBT-I, you'll first have an initial, in-person evaluation with one of our insomnia specialists in the Penn Sleep Center Market Street

Your first visit will take about one hour, and unless you've recently been evaluated by a sleep specialist, we'll also schedule you for a new patient visit with one of our physicians. This will help us rule out other relevant sleep disorders to develop a treatment plan that meets your individual needs.

During your visit, we will determine if starting CBT-I is right for you, as well as if virtual follow-up visits could be an effective option. CBT-I consists of approximately eight weekly follow-up visits. You'll track your sleep patterns between visits and learn methods to improve your sleep. We will also show you how to tailor evidence-based interventions to your specific sleep difficulties while taking into account other factors that may impact your sleep.

If you choose to participate in virtual follow-up visits, you can switch back to in-office visits at any time, if needed.

Paying for your telemedicine visit

Payment for most virtual visits is out-of-pocket and paid directly through the telemedicine portal. Check with your insurance provider to see if telemedicine services are covered by your specific healthcare plan. Our clinical team can provide pricing information for out-of-pocket costs upon request.  

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