Below are answers to commonly asked questions, including information about setting up administrator roles, removing profiles and using other PhysicianLink portal features. 

When I am granted account access, how will I be notified?

You will receive a confirmation email with your username and password, with instructions on how to log in to PhysicianLink portal. Your password must be changed during your first login.

I never received my username and password (or have forgotten it). How can I access my account?

Begin by contacting your Site Administrator. They are able to reset your password within PhysicianLink by visiting the “Utils” tab and selecting “Manage My Clinic”. 

If you do not know who your site administrator is, or they could not find your account within the PhysicianLink portal, contact PhysicianLink support:

I am having trouble logging on and I think it has to do with my username and/or password. What should I do?

You must first contact your PhysicianLink Site Administrator to obtain your username or password (for security purposes). 

If you do not know who your Site Administrator is, please contact Support, and a PhysicianLink support representative will respond within one business day:

How do I change my password? How often do I have to do this?

To change your password, log in to PhysicianLink portal and click on “Utils”. Select “User Settings” and click “Change Password”. 

There is currently no restriction on how frequently you must change your password after initially setting up your account.

No. Like any secure system, due to HIPAA, the standard automatic log out time is after seven minutes of inactivity. After seven minutes, you will be logged out and required to log back in.

A site administrator manages the PhysicianLink accounts for a particular practice, and is considered the official primary contact with Penn Medicine regarding technical questions and updating practice information. The site administrator has ability to: 

  • Add new users (request access for a new provider in your practice).
  • Delete users (notify Penn Medicine of a provider who has left the practice).
  • Obtain usernames and reset passwords for providers in your practice.
  • Change who is listed as the site administrator for the practice, should your staff change.

Once you have signed up for a PhysicianLink account, please email us at to let us know you that you are the new site administrator (and which other account should be deactivated). We will follow up accordingly.

How do I delete a staff member who leaves the practice? Is this action immediate?

Your PhysicianLink Site Administrator can delete users (and it is immediate if deactivated through Epic portal). If you’ve accidentally deleted a user, we can usually reverse the action. Please email us directly:

To delete a staff member: 

  • Select “Utils” in the navigation, then click “Manage My Clinic”
  • Click “Deactivate User” and identify the user from the list
  • Enter comment and click “Deactivate”
  • Staff member is removed 

Once you are logged in to the PhysicianLink portal, click “Utils” and select “Manage My Clinic”.

There are two ways you can communicate with Penn Medicine physicians once logged in: Through your “InBasket” and through “Chart Review”. 

Via “InBasket”

  • Log in to PhysicianLink and click “In Basket”.
  • Identify the physician. 
  • Send your message.

Via “Chart Review”

  • Log in to PhysicianLink. Click “Chart Review”. 
  • Within the Chart Review window, you can send a message to the provider associated with the specific patient.
  • Click on the “Encounters” tab and select the “Message” option. 
  • Send your message.

How do I search for a patient? Can I search for a patient if I don’t know their ZIP code?

To search for a patient, log in to PhysicianLink and click “Clinical” or “Patient Lists”. 

Yes, you can search for a patient if you don’t know their ZIP code. (You only need the patient’s DOB and sex to locate them in search.)

How do I find our practice’s census of patients who are in the hospital?

Our team is currently working on this feature. We will notify users when it becomes available.

What is “Chart Review”? My liaison told me that is where a lot of the information I will need is located.

In this section, you can access patient demographic and encounters information, among other information, such as patient notes, and lab and imaging results.

Can I contact Support for help?

For technical support, please dial the Help Desk at 215-662-7474.

For any other PhysicianLink questions, please email us directly at or

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