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Why Choose Penn for Uterine Cancer and Endometrial Cancer Care?

Doctors consulting in a team

As a world leader in cancer care and research, Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center offers cutting-edge treatments and clinical trials for uterine cancer, with a foundation in patient-centered care. Our collaborative approach to uterine cancer treatment brings together some of the most experienced specialists in the region. Our cancer care focuses on both physical and emotional well-being to provide the best outcomes possible.

Penn treats the most uterine and endometrial cancer in the region

The Abramson Cancer Center is a high-volume cancer center, meaning that we treat a large number of people with cancer. In particular, we are a high-volume center for uterine and endometrial cancer, treating more people than any other cancer center in the region. Studies show that treatment at a high-volume cancer center increases the odds of survival. Our cancer specialists’ expertise and experience have earned us consistent recognition, landing us on the U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll for excellence in Cancer and Gynecology.

We offer expert uterine sarcoma care

Uterine sarcoma is a very rare cancer, but Penn Medicine has a team of sarcoma experts available to treat it. Our sarcoma specialists collaborate with other members of the oncology care team to create a unique, research-informed uterine sarcoma treatment plan for every patient.

Our cancer care is collaborative

We have a dedicated faculty that focuses on uterine and endometrial cancer.

These specialists collaborate with every part of a patient’s care team to create a unique treatment plan for each patient, in particular those with complex health needs.

Every week, our team meets to discuss patients and to allow our oncologists to collaborate in providing the best care possible. This highly integrated care is available at many Penn Medicine locations, so that high-quality care can be accessed by people throughout the region.

We’re experienced in cancer care that preserves fertility

Our gynecologic cancer specialists work with Penn Fertility Care specialists to create customized uterine cancer treatment plans that can help you build a family after cancer treatment. This is often called a “fertility sparing approach” or “medical management of cancer.”