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On ABC's The View, in an emotional interview with Meghan McCain, former Vice President Joe Biden offers hope to those affected by cancer. He discusses the CAR-T cell therapy created at Penn Medicine, saying "There are breakthroughs that are occurring now. And it can happen tomorrow. At the University of Pennsylvania where I teach now, at the Abramson [Cancer] Center, there is a thing called a CAR-T cell. They had a breakthrough with a new drug for child leukemia, and it’s working. There is hope."

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Parker Institute Is Helping Penn Accelerate Immunotherapy Research

Launch of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, with Carl JunePenn was one of six top medical institutions chosen to form the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. It brings together the top minds in cancer to share ideas and findings. The mission is to accelerate breakthrough immune therapies to turn cancer into a curable disease.