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Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program

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Stress reduction is essential to promoting a strong immune system. The Penn Program for Mindfulness is a mindfulness-based stress management program that teaches you how to use meditation as the primary tool for long-term stress management. Mindfulness meditation is taught in a completely practical way as a powerful tool to manage the physical, psychological, and behavioral symptoms of stress and as a proven means of supporting inner balance, growth and quality of life.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction includes simple, clinically-proven methods for relaxing the body and mind. The techniques are simple to learn and are uniquely effective in coping with the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

Workshops and programs designed specifically for cancer patients use these methods to cultivate mindfulness:

  • Mindfulness meditation, a traditional method of meditation that uses the breath as a way of focusing awareness and remaining in the present moment.
  • A curriculum that includes relaxation techniques, physical exercises and cognitive behavioral approaches implemented by qualified instructors.

Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

The known benefits of mindfulness-based stress reduction include:

  • Decreasing stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, depression and anger
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Greater resiliency and coping
  • Improved psychological functioning