Penn Program for Mindfulness


An impressive and growing body of science supports our claims and the testimonials of our participants. Extensive research has demonstrated that mindfulness training improves mood and quality of life, increases working memory and resistance to distraction, and enhances emotional regulation. It is used as an effective treatment for a wide variety of medical and psychological illnesses and symptoms. More than ever before in our culture, people are turning to mindfulness and meditation for help with managing symptoms of stress in daily life.

Mindfulness Publications By Year, 1980-2012

Years Publications
1980 0
1985 5
1990 5
1995 11
2000 21
2005 77
2010 353
2012 477

Source: DS Black (2013). Mindfulness Research Guide.

*Data obtained from a search for "mindfulness" in the ISI Web of Science database. Search limited to research-related articles; book-related material excluded.

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