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David Dinges, PhD

David Dinges, PhD Clinical Psychologist

Chief, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry

Dr. Dinges is a Penn Medicine employed physician.

Clinical Specialties


  • Psychiatry

Programs & Centers:

Description of Clinical Expertise

pathological and excessive sleepiness

Practice Locations and Appointments

  • Penn Psychiatry

    Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania 1013 Blockley Hall 423 Guardian Drive Philadelphia, PA 19104 866-301-4PBH (4724)

    A facility of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania


Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research , National Aerospace Medical Association , National American Academy of Sleep Medicine , National American Association for the Advancement of Science , International American Physiological Society , National American Psychological Association, Division of Behavioral Neuroscience , National American Psychological Society , National American Sleep Apnea Association , National Associated Professional Sleep Societies , International European Sleep Research Society, International Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, National International Commission on Illumination, International Society for Chronobiology , International International Society for NeuroImmunoModulation , International National Sleep Foundation, National Neuroethics Society (, National New York Academy of Sciences , National Northeast Sleep Society, Local Psychonomic Society , National Sleep Research Society, International Society for Light Treatment & Biological Rhythms , International Society for Neuroscience , National Society for Research on Biological Rhythms, National Thomas Bond Society, Local World Federation of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Societies , International

Hospital Affiliation

Dr. Dinges is a Penn Medicine employed physician.


Description of Research Expertise:

Sleep; chronobiology; human neurobehavioral functions; cognitive performance; psychophysiological asssessment

Selected Publications:

Prasad, B., Usmani, S., Steffen, A.D., Van Dongen, H., Pack, F.M., Strakovsky, I., Staley, B., Dinges, D., Maislin, G., Pack, A.I., Weaver, T.E.: Short-Term Variability in Apnea-Hypopnea Index During Extended Home Portable Monitoring. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : 2016.

. Mullington, J.M., Abbott, S.M., Carroll, J.E., Dijk, D-J., Dinges, D.F., Gehrman, P.R., Ginsburg, G.S., Gozal, D., Haack, M., Lim, D.C., Macrea, M., Pack, A.I., Plante, D.T., Teske, J.A., Zee, P: Developing biomarker arrays predicting sleep and circadian-coupled risks to health. SLEEP 39 (4): 727-736,2016.

Spaeth, A.M., Dinges, D.F., Goel, N.: Response to: "Can racial differences in resting metabolic rate be explained by body composition?" Obesity 24 (6): 1204,2016.

Spaeth, A.M., Dinges, D.F., Goel, N.: Objective measurements of energy balance and sleep architecture are associated in healthy adults. SLEEP : 2016.

Creber, R.M., Pak, V.M., Varesse, M., Dinges, D.F., Wald, J., Riegel, B.: Determinants of behavioral alertness in adults with heart failure. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : 2015.

Weljie, A.M., Meer, P., Goel, M., Sengupta, A., Kayser, M.S., Abel, T. Birnbaum, M.J., Dinges, D.F., Sehgal, A.M: Oxalic acid and diacylglycerol 36:3 are cross-species markers of sleep debt. Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences of the USA. PNAS Early Edition 112 (8): 2569-2574,2015.

Fang, Z., Zhu, S., Hu, S., Ma, N., Shi, H., Goel, N., Detre, J.A., Dinges, D.F., Rao, H.: Disruption and recovery of spontaneous brain connectivity and memory following sleep deprivation. Scientific Reports 5 : 2015.

Spaeth, A.M., Dinges, D.F., Goel, N: Phenotypic vulnerability of energy balance responses to sleep loss in healthy adults Scientific Reports 5 : 14920,2015.

Ma, N., Dinges, D.F., Basner, M., Rao H: How acute total sleep loss affects the attending brain: A meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies. SLEEP 38 (2): 2015.

Goel, G., Basner, M., Dinges, D.F.: Phenotyping of neurobehavioral vulnerability to circadian phase during sleep loss. Chapter 13, Methods in Enzymology 552 : 285-308,2015.

Academic Contact Info

Chief, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology
Director, Unit for Experimental Psychiatry
Department of Psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
1013 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021
Phone: 215-898-9949
Fax: 215-573-6410
Patient appointments: 866-301-4PBH (4724)

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