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Treat Yourself Holiday Gift Guide


With the holiday season comes holiday shopping. The relentless commercials and advertisements from Halloween onward urge you to find the perfect gift for partners, kids, parents, friends and coworkers. And while it can be fun to hunt for deals and snag the perfect present, it can also be overwhelming. That’s why we proudly present the Treat Yourself Holiday Gift Guide.

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So many of us, in the spirit of the season, put the needs of other before ourselves, but self care is a year-round endeavor. Be sure to Treat Yourself: treat yourself kindly, respectfully and joyously! We created a roundup of the best self care gifts to give yourself this holiday season:

8 Ways to Treat Yourself

Fitness tracker: Fitness trackers can help motivate you to stay on track and keep moving throughout the day. Daily exercise has been shown to improve your mood and mental health, so we love anything that reminds us to keep it up!

Subscription box: Whatever your passion, there is a subscription box out there for you! Makeup, snacks, fashion: indulge in something you love. Getting a new box each month is like Past You sending a little gift to Future You.

Massages: Let the tension flow away when you treat yourself to a massage. Not only does it feel heavenly, but there is some evidence that massage can help with stress and anxiety. Relax and unwind, my friend!

Visit a bookstore: Let’s kick it old school. Visiting a local bookstore to browse novels and magazines is an inexpensive way to spend a rainy afternoon. Grab a drink in the cafe and surround yourself with knowledge!

Mani/Pedi: Easily one of the most relaxing ways to unwind. For extra fun, indulge in some holiday themed nail art- snowflakes never looked so good!

Exercise class membership: Whether it’s a barre class, aerial yoga or a basic bootcamp, putting some time aside to try a new class is great for both mind and body. Take time to nurture your body and enjoy all the amazing things it can do!

A really good bra: The girls deserve it. Get yourself professionally measured and find a bra that fits you to a tee. You’ll be more comfortable and nice undergarments can be give you a whole lot of confidence

GNO: Three words, y’all: Girl’s. Night. Out. Spending time with your squad can help inspire, encourage and renew. And will definitely make you laugh.

Be sure to make time to treat yourself, even if it’s simply a moment each day where you pause and reflect. As we enter the holiday season, we wish you every joy and hope you find time to relax, unwind and enjoy the spirit of the season!

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