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What to Expect at a Penn Medicine Weight Loss Information Session

Bariatric Surgery information session

Weight-loss surgery information sessions are the perfect opportunities for people to ask any question they have about the surgery.

At an information session, we go over the types of surgeries offered at Penn Medicine, their pros and cons, and what the process is like within our program.

Probably the number one question we get asked is: “How long will it take for me to get the surgery?” and a lot of that depends on the type of insurance they have.

Most insurance companies require about three to six months of supervised medical weight loss. This means they are meeting with our dietitians, getting educated on how to eat, and demonstrating that they can adopt new, healthier eating and exercise habits.

Also during this time, patients will undergo testing for things like diabetes and sleep apnea. They will see specialists at Penn to determine if they are healthy enough for the surgery.

People who come to information sessions also ask for surgeon recommendations. Each of our surgeons has a different personality, so it really depends on whom that patient bonds with the most. We have extremely low rates of infection and complications, and our program does a great job all around.

The other thing to consider is scheduling. Some surgeons might have schedules that better fit with one patient over another. Or, maybe a patient knows someone who liked a particular surgeon and they want to go to the same person. Others might just want to schedule an appointment to get to know their surgeon. It really depends on a lot of factors, but any of our surgeons are going to help you be successful in your weight loss.

Finally, it’s okay to come to more than one information session. Sometimes, people come to their first session and that is their first bit of research. They might do more research and then come back to our information session in a few weeks to help them make a final decision. That is perfectly fine. We want to make sure you are comfortable with your decision and the program in which you will start your new, healthier life.

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