Strawberry Super Powers

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Strawberries are coming into season in the Northeast this month! As they start popping up at the farmers markets and stores, childhood memories flood back and you are transported to the pick-your-own farm and recall how you would pick one for the basket and then one for yourself. Taking those fresh berries back to the house and eating them straight from the bowl or creating desserts with your grandma were some moments that couldn’t be beat.

But, did you know that strawberries carry heart healthy superpowers? Studies have shown that they have anti-inflammatory powers, can reduce obesity and heart disease risk, and protect against various cancers. Just a handful a day can help to lower your blood pressure because of their potassium. Their phytonutrients and fiber are also helpful as part of a heart healthy diet. Strawberries are also high in Vitamin C, 85 mg per serving of 8 strawberries, which is 160% of the daily recommended intake. Studies have even connected consumption of strawberries in post-menopausal women as helpful in reducing risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

If you are looking to add strawberries to your diet, the easiest method is a fresh bowl of them for breakfast. But, when folks are asked how do you use them in the rest of the day, they may just answer with strawberry shortcake and jump right to dessert. So, we’re here to help with a round up of heart healthy options to incorporate strawberries into some of your meals.

Heart Healthy Strawberry Menu


Strawberry Breakfast Mousse


Fruit Salad with Cranberry Poppy Seed Dressing


Watermelon and Strawberry Salsa

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