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Help the Earth and Your Heart at the Same Time

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As we head into Earth Day, one thing to remember is that taking care of the planet can also help you take care of your body.

Creating a sustainable environment often comes with benefits for your health, in more ways than one.

Here are 6 ways to help Mother Nature - and your heart - at the same time:

Grow a garden, plant a tree 

Growing a garden can provide plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep your heart healthy and flowers to improve your mood. But they, along with trees, also give us plenty of fresh air to breath. And it's not just the fruits of your labor that are heart healthy, it's the labor itself. Now is a great time to plant a seed!

Tour your local farmer's market

Many towns these days have farmer's markets where local produce and goods are sold by farmers and producers in the area. Head to to find a farmer's market near you. Grab your reusable shopping bag, your grocery list and head out for a nice stroll around your market to fill up on all kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Take part in meatless Monday

Decreasing the amount of meat in your diet and instead adding in more vegetables and legumes can have a beneficial effect on heart health. Pick one day, like Monday, and go meatless. Studies indicate you'll be helping the Earth by eating less meat, too, by saving on the amount of land and resources used to raise livestock.

Walk or ride your bike to work

Get some fresh air and exercise all while eliminating the gas that it takes to drive to work. Maybe you'll make a habit of it!

Take a walk, pick up trash

Next time you see the sun shining, take a walk. Head to your local park with a shopping bag. Pick up some trash that you see along the way and dispose of it where it belongs, keeping our Earth a little cleaner all while getting some exercise in at the same time.

Quit smoking

Some estimates say that for every 300 cigarettes produced, one tree is destroyed. Not only that, but cigarette butts are the #1 litter item found on beaches and roadsides -- and they can be poisonous to children and pets. Healthwise, cigarette smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease by itself. Take one step toward quitting today. We can help you stop smoking.

It turns out today isn't just about the planet, it is also the perfect time to start improving your health. Happy Earth Day!

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