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15 Simple Fundraising Ideas for the 2012 Philly Heart Walk

The Philadelphia Heart Walk is a little over a month away. Are you still looking for some creative ways to raise money for your Heart Walk team? Don’t let your fundraising goals slip out of reach.

Ways to Meet Fundraising Goals

Try some of these simple solutions today.

In the Office

Super Box

Ask your coworkers and friends, to put their extra change in a "Super Box." You can place this box near the water cooler or kitchen. When you get the box back you will have lots of money! Decorate the box or cover it with inspirational quotes or designs. This is a great opportunity to do arts and crafts with colleagues during lunch or even after hours. You could also translate this idea at home and encourage your relatives and friends to donate.

Voice Mail

Change your voice mail and answering machine messages to include information about your participation in the Heart Walk and let people know how they can help.

Tell your friends, family and colleagues to visit the for all the info they need!

Add a note to your electronic signature

Get in the habit of signing your emails with your name followed by heart walk donation information. Example: Help me raise money for the American Heart Association (AHA) and its fight against stroke and heart disease! Donate to my team now (link to team page) Or link to Penn’s main heart page  for more information.

Healthy Bake Sale

Earn money selling 100 calorie cookies, peanut butter crackers, veggies and dip or fruit cups. Of course, you don’t have to be healthy about it.

Flea Market

Have coworkers bring in their junk to work and sell it. Donate all proceeds to your fundraising efforts for the Heart Walk.

Raffles and Donations

Hit up some local restaurants to donate a lunch when your team has reached your team’s fundraising goal and host a departmental lunch. Ask a vendor your regularly work with if they’d be willing to donate something to raffle off, with all proceeds going toward your ultimate fundraising goal.

At Home

Email your friends

E-mail everyone on your contact list and invite them to visit your team page.

Eagles Football Party

Host an Eagles football party at your house/apartment. Every time the words ’run’ or 'walk' are said by the announcers, everyone antes up $1 in a pledge bowl.

Social Media

Join Penn’s Heart Walk 2012 Facebook event page and create daily comments to help start a conversation. Or write daily or weekly posts to rally your friends. Follow the AHA on Twitter does AHA have a hashtag for the walk? It should be included or tweet about the upcoming event on your own page.

Game Night

Host a game or karaoke night and charge an admission of $5 per person. Ask your friends and guests to help supply the punch and snacks for the evening. This can make for a family fun way to raise money!

In the Community

Change Jar at Local Restaurants

Ask your favorite restaurant to put out a jar for donations of spare change.

Happy Hour

Wear your Heart Walk t-shirt to happy hour and ask people to sign your shirt for $10. Ask the host/hostess if it can be announced that you are in the bar. And don’t forget to sign up online by Oct. 5th to receive your 2012 heart walk tee.


Ask your favorite bar if you can bartend for a night and give all of your tips tor the Heart Walk. Make sure you tell all your friends to stop by the bar that night.

Movie Tickets Donation

Ask your local movie theater to donate movie tickets, then sell them or raffle them for pledges.

Radio Station

Call your favorite radio station and ask them to make an announcement on the air and to interview you. People can send pledges directly to you or via the web.

See the American Heart Association's fundraising ideas

For specific questions, email

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