Every lung cancer is different. So treatment for lung cancer should be tailored to each individual patient.

At Penn's Abramson Cancer Center, patients with lung cancer have access to every treatment option available, provided by nationally recognized cancer experts. Penn's expert care and leading-edge treatments give patients with lung cancer the best chance of an excellent outcome.


Advanced Lung Cancer Therapies

Treatments for lung cancer at Penn's Abramson Cancer Center include:

  • Lung-sparing surgery and other advanced surgical options such as sleeve
    resection and laser surgery
  • Proton therapy, CyberKnife® and other radiation therapies
  • Chemotherapy and biological therapies, including immunotherapy, vaccine
    therapy and targeted molecular therapies
  • Clinical trials of the very latest treatments for lung cancer


Personalized Treatment Plans for Each Lung Cancer Patient

Lung cancer specialists at Penn Medicine develop personalized treatment plans that often include a combination of therapies designed to meet the specific needs of each patient.


Weekly multidisciplinary lung cancer team meetings: Where doctors think collaboratively and creatively about the best treatment approach for each individual lung cancer patient.

Patients treated in Penn's Lung Cancer Program benefit from a multidisciplinary team of specialists from the Abramson Cancer Center and the Joan Karnell Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital.


Lung Cancer Specialists Working Collaboratively

Penn's comprehensive lung cancer treatment team includes internationally recognized specialists from the following disciplines:

  • Pulmonologists, Interventional Pulmonologists, Thoracic Pathologists and
    Thoracic Radiologists
    – offering advanced lung cancer diagnostic techniques and
  • Dedicated thoracic surgeons - providing statistically better outcomes for lung cancer
  • Radiation oncologists and medical oncologists – focused on combined
    modality therapy to treat lung cancer


Guiding Your Lung Cancer Treatment Plan

Lung cancer patients who choose Penn Medicine have access to a nurse navigator who specializes in helping lung cancer patients. The nurse navigator helps ensure that patients have easier access to the many resources available at Penn, and helps coordinate lung cancer patient's care among the number of specialists who are involved in their treatment plan.


"We offer tomorrow's treatment for lung cancer, today." – Ramesh Rengan, MD, PhD

Proton Therapy for Lung Cancer
Proton therapy uses beams of protons that are precisely directed at a lung tumor. The precision of proton therapy limits the radiation exposure of normal tissues while allowing a higher dose to be delivered to the tumor in the lung. The result is a better chance of curing lung cancer with fewer harmful side effects. One of the most unique aspects of proton therapy is its ability to treat recurrent lung cancers. The Roberts Proton Therapy Center has recently developed re-treatment protocols aimed at treating recurrent thoracic malignancies. Since this therapy is so targeted, it allows a potential lung cancer patient to receive multiple treatments and re-treatments – giving hope when other therapies have failed.


Immonotherapy for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer specialists at the Abramson Cancer Center are using immunotherapy to stimulate the body to repair and enhance its own immune system. Immunotherapy may also prevent lung cancer from developing or spreading. Immunotherapy often has fewer side effects than conventional cancer treatments because it uses the body's own immune system to achieve several things:

  • Target specific lung cancer cells, while minimizing damage to normal cells.
  • Make it easier for the immune system to recognize and destroy lung cancer cells.
  • Prevent or slow lung tumor growth and spread of lung cancer cells.


Targeted Molecular therapy for Lung Cancer

Targeted Molecular Therapy is a type of personalized lung cancer treatment. It is designed to interrupt the unique molecular abnormalities that make cancer grow.
Targeted drug therapies are personalized to each individual through rigorous analysis of a lung tumor's unique molecular fingerprint. These targeted therapies have the potential to cause less impact on normal cells and fewer side effects, while improving effectiveness and quality of life.


Penn's Abramson Cancer Center is a national leader in lung cancer research, cancer care and patient education.

Penn researchers are on the forefront of new developments for lung cancer. These include testing new surgical procedures, applying innovative drug therapies, developing new protocols for proton therapy and exploring novel radiation therapies. Through our researchers' efforts, we are accelerating the development of new and more effective treatments for lung cancer.


Advancing Lung Cancer Treatment in All Modalities

Novel approaches for lung cancer treatment being pioneered at Penn Medicine, include:

  • Clinical trials to reverse drug resistance in lung cancer patients
  • Personalized bio-marker driven therapy for lung cancer
  • Vaccine and Immunotherapy for lung cancer
  • Re-radiation for recurrent lung tumors


Lung Cancer Program is Fully Integrated With Nationally–Recognized Abramson Cancer Center

The excellence of our highly trained cancer center staff has been recognized at a national level:

  • The Abramson Cancer Center has been designated a comprehensive cancer
    center by the National Cancer Institute since 1973 – only one of 40 such
    centers in the United States.
  • Penn's Abramson Cancer Center has been rated as "Exceptional" by the
    National Cancer Institute (NCI) during a competitive research funding review by
    the government agency.
  • U.S. World and News Report gave Penn Medicine its highest rating for cancer
    care in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware regions.
  • U.S. World and News Report ranked the Hospital of the University of
    Pennsylvania among the best in the nation for pulmonology.


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